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Blessings come in many forms, and when you’re able to do what you love doing and find the blessing in it, it’s almost like a match made in heaven. It’s an indescribable feeling when you equally match your passion with a platform, one that many people aren’t fortunate enough to ever get a chance to really experience.

This couldn’t BE furthest from the truth for R&B singer Dondria Fields, who’s story is really one for the record books, especially as it pertains to urban artists. The 26 year old was discovered via YouTuBE by So So Def’s CEO Jermaine Dupri after utilizing the then fairly new platform for everything that it’s worth.

It’s almost infallible to even imagine life without YouTuBE at this point, an entity that not only gives us daily entertainment, but has also sparked a pretty real and extravagant life for artists like Dondria, who put in the work to gain fans and get millions of views on videos mostly made from inside their bathroom or BEdroom walls. It’s sounds like an easy feat until you post a video that sits with a couple hundred views, if that. It takes a true sense of artistry and flair to create a buzz based on a format that’s free and easily available to the mass public. Some look at it as a one in a million stroke of luck, but for humble Dondria, she sees it as nothing shy of a blessing and an opportunity to share her gift with the world on an even larger platform.

Dondria defied the odds and went on to sign with Jermaine Dupri, which led her to releasing her debut album Dondria Vs. Phatfffat in 2010, an album that birthed her biggest single yet “You’re the One”, a song that’s still as memorable today as it was the first time you heard it. The way the organs kick in and blend with such a powerful intro line, “I don’t BElieve we were put together, not to BE together/And I don’t BElieve there’s anyone out there who can love me BEtter…” just really brought back a real R&B feel, not to mention, Dondria’s solid vocals.

Whenever we get a chance to sit down and talk to Dondria, I can always tell that she’s excited for what’s next to come. She’s having an amazing ride working with such powerful talents, which makes her extremely ride or die & appreciative for JD & So So Def. “It’s really exciting, especially right now. They are my family and they always show me love. JD is our common denominator and I think we all appreciate him and what he’s done for us thus far. I will definitely BE proud to carry on the torch and celebrate the next 20 years.” 

Since Dondria is the last So So Def girl in, and with this BEing the 20th anniversary season of JD’s first So So Def girls, Xscape, we had to ask Dondria how she felt the first time she heard their debut record “Just Kickin’ It”. “I felt like having a house party. LOL It’s such a cooooool record. Like how can you NOT love it? They should have found me and put me in the video… LOL”

Speaking of videos, BE Magazine’s EIC J.Write and journalist Dwight Holt were in Dondria’s video for her second single “Shawty Wus Up” featuring Johnta Austin & Diamond, which was filmed on the Westside of Atlanta.

BE on the lookout for lots more from Princess Dondria…she’s in the studio brewing up the next BIG hit and an amazing sophomore album. Follow her @Dondria

Photographer: Sean Howard | WardroBE Stylists: Brittni “B” Pitts & Bryan Andreas (Assistant Stylist)
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