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Keke Wyatt is nothing shy of a musical BEast. She somehow finds her way to a track and marathons all over it leaving listeners loving each and every intricate note and octave climbing run. Her love for music has BEen thoroughly showcased on TVONE’s R&B Divas ATL for both seasons, along with her deep rooted love for her family and husband Michael Ford.

While Keke may come across as one of the more controversial reality stars, some even going as far as laBEling her crazy, while other fans ultimately seem to BE either going crazy for her or with her. Either way, her solid fan base is unparalleled, making her even more of a musical threat.

We recently had the opportunity to exclusively shoot Keke and redefine her look for this issue and get the scoop on why she has fans going crazy both on and off screen.


How do you feel about redefining your look for BE Magazine? 

Well first of all, there wasn’t s#it wrong with the first one [laughs] but, I like this. This is really who I am. I think they tried to turn me into a grandma at 18, but that’s ok. You can’t turn a young, loving, lucious, vivacious woman into a granny.

So when you do makeover photo shoots like this, is it like playing dress up for you? 

Oh yeah, I’m the little girl who loved to play dress up in the mirror when she was young. And I’m definitely that girl today & I’m having fun working with my boy/stylist Troi.

keke-wyatt-be-magazine-219-edit-hires-webSo of course, you’re quite the controversial character on R&B Divas Atlanta. How has it BEen watching the season? 

The 1st episode made me cry BEcause they didn’t really show everything, but it’s ok, they’re not going to turn me into Nicci GilBErt. I love Nicci, but whatever…I’m Miss Ketara Shavon Wyatt & I’m gonna do my thang & if people don’t like it, don’t watch, I don’t give a d@mn.

You obviously are a fan favorite though & that’s evident by the way you EP KEKE and it’s lead single was received.

My single “Falling in Love” is a really cute sexy song which displays who I am BEhind closed doors. The song was co-written with RoBerto Ernest, and he also did the track. It’s just a really fun song and it’s geared toward my base audience, which is the R&B folk that have BEen riding with me since day one, and that’s still riding with me & that will die for me. I really had them in mind when I did the song.

You recently got to showcase another song that’s near and dear to your heart called “Lie Under You”, how was that song thought of?

I wrote the entire song “You” all by myself except for two words, which Crystal Nicole helped me write on the bridge. The song basically talks about my Michael Jamar. I can’t do nothing without thinking about my baby; like I’m wondering where he is now. That song is not just for a woman and her dude, it’s also for a dude and his woman, or a dude and his dude, or a woman and her woman, or anybody who’s just your you. Everybody has a you. Your you might BE your children, your you might BE your whores, your you might BE your hair honey & your makeup. I don;t know what it is, but I know for me, my you is God and my Michael Jamar Ford.

This Keke EP was completely done for the fans & is like another baby for you…how do you feel about the project? 

Oh my God. I literally gave birth to this child. [laughs] It’s very intimate & personal. It;s very me, inside and out. I just feel that this here is going to let people know who Keke really is. From the BEginning, I feel like people always put me in this R&B box & that;s not all there is to me. I’m a bowl of gumbo. I have everything. I’m country, so naturally so, I love to sing country. And then, I love hip hop, I love rock, I love pop. Y’all know I love R&B and I adore gospel. This EP is pretty much giving the people all the different Keke’s inside of me.

I have to take time to mention your big gay following…

Oh yes honey, mama loves the kids and the kids love mama! I can’t get enough of em. They are just the most BEautiful people ever. It seems like they share the same things in life that I go through as BEing a multiracial girl. I lived with getting shunned too. You know I wasn’t black enough for some, and I wasn’t white enough for the white girls…I wasn’t enough for nobody & people looked at me funny & treated me funny. So with the kids, I just feel like they feel my pain & there’s nothing wrong with them & that they should BE able to BE whoever the hell they want to BE, as long as they are happy & their hearts are in the right place, God will reward someone with a good heart. It has nothing to do with your genital area…the good thing about God is that he’s going to see your heart first. The kids embrace love & they embrace people. and if people who are not gay could just get over the fact that they’re gay, they would see that they are BEautiful and wonderful people. I love them & they are probably my biggest following & I love that. Love is love & it’s a BEautiful thing.

What defines happiness in Keke Wyatt’s life? 

Happiness in my life is defined by God first, and my children and my husband. And my gift. God gave me this gift, and I don;t know why he gave it to me, but for whatever odd reason, he did & I’m going to use it to the BEst of my ability & I’m going to share it with everybody.

Years ago, when you were in the studio with Avant, did you foresee this much success in your career? 

Nope. It;s still a shock to me everyday. I look in the mirror like oh wow, I’m Keke Wyatt. That’s weird and different, but it is what it is & I am grateful for it, but I did not foresee this.


If you could throw a dinner party, in a perfect world, who would BE there? 

I would say that I’d BE in a BEautiful luxurious UK mansion, and God would BE at one head of the table and at the other end would BE my husband Michael Jamar. Then I would BE sitting next to God…no shade to Michael Jamar [laughs]. No shade honey, but God is first. So I’d BE next to the Lord and then of course all by babies and my brothers. Of course my twin Kever. My sister Lena that just died, Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, my mama, my daddy, my aunt Margy, my uncle Joe. Everybody that I pretty much love…and you sugar, of course with that pointy BEard honey yesssss.

I heard you mention you adore gospel; you have some big gospel things coming up too right? 

I just redid “Great is Thou Faithfulness”, which was my grandmother’s favorite song. She used to sing it to me when I was a little girl & would have me sing it back to her & she died, so of course that song is very special to me. You guys will Be hearing that on the gospel stations real soon.

In the music industry, things aren’t always as they appear; how do you keep Keke’s message pure? 

I basically just get on the track and do what I want to do & not listen to what anyone tells me to do. What you might tell me to do might not Be where my heart is and I BElieve in always following your heart. I go from my heart to the microphone. I basically tell folks to sit down and go night-night.


Photographer: Alex Rogers | Stylist: Troi Anthoni | Hair: Tamika Gibson | Makeup: Chris McKinley

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