Cover Story: Jackie Christie – BEauty & the BEast

You may not coin Jackie Christie as a “Basketball Wife”, but anyone that’s familiar with her knows she superseded that title long ago. What other wife have you known to run up on on a 6’7″, 230 lb man with no questions asked, yet still run a household with poise, grace, & love? Mrs. Christie is actually the ULTIMATE NBA Wife, and has 16 times the proof, for any nonBElievers.

Jackie Christie was born in Seattle, Washington, but has traveled all across the gloBE with her husband Doug as he’s journeyed with various NBA teams like the LA Lakers & Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, & the New York Knicks. Most would find comfort in just BEing the right hand lady to a mega professional athlete, but not Jackie; she’s also the author of 4.5 books (the last of which is almost set to release), a fashion designer (with a line that debuted at LA’s Fashion Week), & the mother of 3…which really makes Jackie more of a RENAISSANCE WOMAN than anything else.


I wrote my first book with my husband Doug, which is called No Ordinary Love: A True Story of Marriage & Basketball in 2006, and I really enjoyed the experience BEcause I’ve always wanted to BE a writer, ever since I was like 12 years old, and when we wrote that book it was to squash a lot of the rumors & to share our marriage secrets, and to open up the basketball world to everybody from our point of view. We Wrote that & went on to write more books together & separately. The book I’m writing now is called Sexual Relations, it’s a his & her guide to greater intimacy & I titled it that BEcause I wanted to really catch people’s attention. Intimacy goes in a lot of different ways, it’s not just the physical aspect, there’s also the conversation, the communication, the respect…the everybody has to put their 50% in, and not just expecting the man to court us as women, but us courting them as well.


We make it work, first and foremost, by our sacrifices that we make, and on top of that, we’re BEst friends. Things that Doug enjoy doing is he loves to golf, he loves reggae music, he loves to fish, and once I met him, I started getting into a lot of the things that he liked so that I could spend time with him and vice versa. We make it work by our intimacy; we talk about everything, we communicate, we don’t hide anything. When there’s something that’s a little more uncomfortable to discuss, I make it a little easier for him to talk about it. We make our home comfortable so things are easy and organic. If it’s organic, than it’s real and it’s right & that’s how me & Doug make it work BEtween us, we just put each other first, and we are always trying to make each other happy, and when you do that, you can’t do anything but win.


Actually a good friend of mine named Stevie P out of Seattle kept telling me “I’ve got the perfect person for you…”. He played basketball in High School with Doug. Stevie was that guy that knew all about the ladies, and that all the girls hung around. He wore the nice cologne, and was a cutie pie…so he could really relate to the ladies; so when he told me about Doug, I said ok I want to meet him, but what does he do? He said “Is that important?” and I said no, but I really want to know like what he’s into, like is he into fashion…I was really into fashion at that time, and when he told me that he played sports, I was a little hesitant to meet him BEcause I had heard about athletes and I didn’t know if that would BE a good fit. Doug came in town a few times and I’d BE out of town, he was playing basketball in college at the time, but one time he came in town & Stevie called me & told me to come down to the Seattle Sports Bar & Restaurant & that Doug was there. I told Stevie I didn’t really want to, but I got in my car and drove over there and he was just AMAZING! When I walked up, there was a bunch of girls around him of course, but he was the perfect gentleman. We dances two straight songs, and exchanged numBErs…it was getting late, so I left and after seeing each other at a few other events, one evening he said “Ok, my sister is in town, and I’m going to call you around 2AM”, and he did call me very early, but him and his sister was up cooking eggs and bacon, and I thought oh my God, he’s a man out for my own heart…that’s the kind of stuff we do back in Seattle is cook at 2 o’clock in the morning, even though you’re making breakfast food. And it kind of took off from there; we met up the next day and he took me to the movies, I was just in love with him at that point. I was like you’re perfect for me and we went on from there…


The hardest thing about BEing married to an athlete is that you BEcome an open book at that point. Everyone’s going to assume things and come draw their own conclusions, and for me BEing written about so much, with the media really picking up on the fact that Doug was one of the first to really put his family out there in front of everything else. Basketball is his greatest love and everyone knew that no matter what, he was gon put 100% on the floor, but outside of that, it was always about family. For me it was hard BEcause a lot of the things that were put out there weren’t true, and I always try to lead by example and walk the walk & talk the talk, so I was always counseling wives and other people BEhind the scenes and try to help them see that no matter if you stay married or not, you always want to respect the situation you’re in. When that didn’t get reported, but negative did, that was really hard for me BEcause I lead by example.


I always get that & people think back to the Rick Fox altercation; here’s what happened. I was sitting next to Justin TimBErlake [I think] and Doug had told me BEfore that Rick was starting to get a little bit too feisty, he’s starting to get a little bit aggressive, and I had told him earlier that day that it would BE ok…there was already a big rivalry BEtween the Lakers & the Kings. So the players were all hyped up and playing, and I see the little confrontation in the corner of the court. Then I see Rick push Doug in the face, and he either knocked Doug down, or he slipped, but when he got back up & uppercutted him, I was like ohhhhhh no, here we go. I know Doug isn’t violent at all, but when he’s pushed he can get feisty too, and when it happened, he looked right at me, so I knew  he was about to get ejected, so I started gathering my things so I could run to the tunnel. He went out and all his players were motioning to him that Rick was gonna run around to the other side, and as soon as Doug got to the tunnel, Rick ran around and they started fighting. I just blacked out! Next thing I know I was wrapping my purse around my hand and running. All I could think of was Doug is my family, so if you fight him you  gon have to fight us both. I know that big ol’ man woulda prolly…[laughs], but when Shaq ran around there, I wasn’t worried about it either….


For me, it was interesting BEcause I know some of the basketball wives, and I have the highest regard for Shaunie. I think she’s a sweetheart.  think what she went through with her years BEing married to Shaq, I can relate, She was in LA, and all that she’s BEen through…she’s a mother of 5, and that kind of thing. BEing on there & giving Gloria advice & telling her she’s young & at the BEginning of her journey in the NBA & that we were there BEfore too. I was able to share some of my experiences with her & listen to her, but most of all I told her to always put her family first, I really liked it. I knew Gloria for quite some time & I adore her; I think her and Matt are a real sweet couple. I love it; I’m entertained by the show…I can relate to a lot of things they’re saying. I really feel like it’s a sisterhood. I know it’s a lot of drama & a lot of conflict, but at the same time, if you notice they usually seem to come together at a common ground; & I like to see them do that. For me, I was one of the pioneer wives that tried to go around a mediate & keep the families together, so it was a different type of experience.

With a resume as unique & complete as Jackie Christie’s, it’d BE easy to think that she’d consider slowing down in the near future, but if that’s anywhere in your thought process, you couldn’t BE anymore off key. Along with Jackie’s 5th book Sexual Relations releasing on July 8th, which is her 17th Wedding Anniversary, she’s also in productions with 6 different shows…had we not mentioned that Jackie is also a producer BEhind-the-Scenes? Spare time isn’t in Jackie’s vocabulary, unless that time is spent with her family, which still looks like work to the untrained eye. Jackie just signed on to star in a major network show, which she’s choosing to keep the mums about until they start promos for it. She also has a personal web-series that she plans to put out in 2011 or early 2011, which will BE a talk/variety show to entertain, educate, inspire, and empower both men and women. If that’s not enough to keep a BEauty busy, Jackie is also a BEast in the philanthropy game with her & Doug’s foundation Infinite Love. She isn’t chasing down basketball players anymore, but she is chasing her dreams, which will always make her the new aged BEauty & the BEast in our eyes.

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  1. I believe jackie has many different personalitys she needs to see a proffessional Dr. who treats this disorder it is amazing that Dough cant see it

  2. She used to be so hot, what happened? In these photos she could outshine Gloria, Draya, Malaysia and all of them. I truly think hormones or something’s affected her. She aint right. These jealous young women are using it to make themselves look better. She’s an easy scapegoat. It’sort of sad.

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