Cover Story: K. Michelle – Lady Sings the Blues

If you’re wondering whether R&B songstress K.Michelle still sings the blues, the answer is a for sure yes! But if you’re expecting the same old tune, you’re in for a rude, yet pleasant awakening. K.Michelle might BE one of the most  multifaceted artists of today; she manages and maintains a livelihood of BEing a devoted mother, a sexy (not-so-single anymore) fly chick, a JIVE recording artist, and a representative of Pain Medicine…a genre of music that’s always BEen present, but needed a deserving face BEhind the musical message. K.Michelle is certainly that musical face, but her story makes you know she represents so much more.

Photo Credit: D Blanks PhotographyK. Michelle first hit the BE Mag radar in 2009 when she 1st BEgan prepping her upcoming debut album “Pain Medicine”. While K. Michelle spoke excitedly about the project, you could just feel a disconnect somewhere, which was obviously strange due to her blatant passion for overcoming pain, which is something the world never knew hit so close to home for her until she made headlines for everything BEsides the present music.

Pain Medicine is a term that strongly resonates with so many women, and even directly parallel’s K. Michelle’s own life way too closely. When you’ve BEen hurt to the core, but your heart only bleeds music, what’s left? Get a good dose of Pain Medicine and BEgin to heal…K.Michelle could write a book or blog on just that topic, and has in the past (garnering a plethora of negative attention after coming out about her then boyfriend/manager Memphitz BEating her), but instead, K is using God’s natural gift to continue to personally overcome and pull others out of domestic violence, and also to complete what she’s worked so hard on since last decade…her debut album “Pain Medicine”.

With K. Michelle’s project BEing such a long time coming, you can only imagine the multitude of directions the album has undergone. “On the album you still get the real K. Michelle; I like to say that you don’t even get K. Michelle, you get KimBerly…the government name. It’s a lot more refined. I’ve BEen trying a lot of different sounds. I love ballads, so It’s BEen a fight for me to put out a ballad and I still haven’t BEen able to put one out yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to the ballads on this album. I just think it’s what music’s missing.” It’s nothing shy of magic when a real talent can offer more of an autobiography as project than an album of the day & times. There’s nothing gimmicky about the pain that K. Michelle knows and has overcome, and the dose of medicine that she’s tried for so long is finally just about ready to BE packaged and put on shelves to serve as a remedy for life’s expected an unforeseen plights & love’s unexpected turmoil.

The lead single for Pain Medicine is “How Many Times”, an anthem for women written by Sean Garrett & produced by Blac Elvis. The album is heavily influenced by some of our favorite legends. “Mary J. Blige has BEen a great influence, as far as me BEing able to speak what I feel. Whitney has always BEen a BIG influence in my life as far as teaching me how to sing on key and in tune & just give it to em on the ballads. Of course R.Kelly has BEen major in my career…he’s my mentor and that’s where I get my voice for songwriting from.” As perviously stated, K.Michelle also paints a picture from her life experiences…in the past couple of years, she’s BEen through so much. “BEsides the normal stuff, my budget got spent, I got the shit BEat out of me, and what else (laughs). Still struggling, my baby’s father got married to my friend. I found a new guy that I like…he’s my black superhero (laughs). So a lots gone on, but I’m not even mad…if you would have caught me 3 months ago, I might have BEen like Emily Rose, with my head spinning in circles, but today, I pray a lot and take it all in stride.”

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When asked how she feels her domestic violence case compares to other high profile celebrity DV, K. Michelle candidly responded “I feel like I should have gotten Diane Sawyer too BEcause the person that did it to me, I’m signed to him. Blogs and different people made it look like I was crazy or psycho BEcause I went on twitter and asked for help BEcause people wasn’t hearing me. And also BEcause he was dating [Lil] Wayne’s baby mama Toya, and they [were] portraying him on TV to BE this great guy, when everybody at the record laBEl and that close to me & close to him know the truth & knows all the things he’s done. It hurst me. I’m getting BEtter about it, but how would you feel if everyday you woke up, you’re signed to the man that did that to you? How would that make you feel? And when they say I’m crazy, when they say I’m mean, HELL YEAH I’M CRAZY & I’M MEAN! I got to live with that everyday. Instead of the black community embracing and helping me, like Rihanna was helped by the black & the white community, and she was embraced…they spent blogs around and said that I was just mad BEcause of him and Toya. And I was just the bitter ex-girlfriend. Nobody offered me any help…”

With such painful experiences, Pain Medicine is gearing up to BE a classic epic collection of work. Follow K.Michelle on Twitter @KMichelleMusic and visit iTunes to buy her latest single “How Many Times” today…here’s the link.

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  1. I hope to meet kmichelle one day she is such a inspiration to me and I love the music too.K michelle First of all scem through the rnb female singers who have come before you.I love them all BUT, I cant name 1 that didn’t have some kind of struggle in the beginning of their careers or throughout ,believe being difficult, did not come by you first I sit and think and there is not one that I havent heard that about.There are stories about each and I love you all.From keyshia, to monica, mary, kandi, beyonce, faith they all have been through some stuff and are all the better for it now but they started out just like you and are doing great now. I say that to say this dont feel bad about your struggles starting out as a rising star you will learn your way. They ALL have been there and im sure they would all tell you to keep fighting you will make it just like they did.We dont expect you to be perfect just because you are a tremendous vocalist. It takes time and those that matter will be there when and as you get your footing.Keep grinding! NOW on a very, very serious note I am a survivor of child molestation/child abuse. After all the years of pretending to have the perfect family growing up I finally admited the truth and I was treated like crap it was so unbelievable to me. The backlash and threats Its all to familiar to me I understand exactly what you are talking about echoes from “the family” im a trouble maker, i should’ve kept my mouth shut, im making trouble about something that happened as a child now im an adult. Through it all I wouldn’t change a thing about finally telling the truth my burdens have been lifted. My mind is so clear now, I am still working on me but that burden I carry no more. Head held high the family members who think Im making trouble by telling my own business and taking the first step to recovery can jump in a fucking lake. k michelle i really admire your strength I know the struggle, the denial from people who didn’t suffer at his hand but got so much hate in their hearts for me not him. I am still in disbelief about my so called family’s treatment but, like I said I dont regret telling the truth. The hating family members I thought I couldn’t live without? guess what? still living and praying that the hate and denial they have in their hearts is removed one day wiped my hands clean of my family for good. Had to do it for me, husband and children. The fam are the ones blinded i am no longer, the truth is out I am now free.

    1. I am also a survivor of child molestation, but I didn’t wait to tell. I told then and there. I hate you had to go through such a horrible blow out, but the key is to STAND regardless of what others say and do. I don’t know what happen between K Michelle and Memphitz, but I do know that if it really happened why did she wait until he was engaged to someone else to say anything about it? That made her look suspect. I counsel women everyday that are going through DV and the worse thing in the world is for a woman to file a false report, It makes all women look bad. That’s why they now arrest both parties. It’s called the just in case factor. Women don’t wait until he’s with someone else to tell, tell when he do it and then you won’t seem like some bitter woman trying to get back. Nothing is worth more than your safety and well being.

      1. She didn’t wait. She told someone but nobody is going to go against somebody that is bringing in THAT MUCH TALENT and THAT MUCH MONEY. Its a broke bitch’s word against a rich nigga’s. Shes been screaming about what happened since it happened in late 2009. SHE WROTE A SONG ABOUT IT! but nobody took her seriously, til she said it on t.v. now people who don’t have twitter and don’t really get on youtube are questioning her motives. She has nothing to gain from telling what happened, but he has EVERYTHING TO LOSE, including that previously owned surgically enhanced wife of his

  2. im so glad your not famous on that show called Snapp god is good n he dont like ugly u keep up being the best mother u can be n sing your ass off 🙂

  3. I was in a DV relationship as well and had no help. No one believe me and I was left to raise my son in Hell. I got out of my relationship and found the love of my life Married for six years. So faith and God is KEY. God bless you K.Michelle

  4. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. You are doing very well and look very nice. You will bless many because of your experience. Don’t look at it angry, get ready for your blessing, it’s on the way. Beautiful voice.

  5. K michele be a advocate but let it go with with toya and memphitz before destroy yourself and career so many luv u just put it in your music no more fighting and fussing she willsee how he is. But he not crazy her brothers will kill him if he touches her..but she will see. Let it be. Im from memphis also.and your very talented dont mess it up ….

  6. memphitz did that shit yo anytime a man say ” i only “he lying and how the fuck she look beating his big muscle head ass he buff as fuck and only reason toya so down for him is cuzz he prolly fucking her up to wayne damn sure beat her ass when they was together so she used to this shit and why the hell would she just randomly choose him to say he beat her up she also was fucking with r. Kelly and he much more famous makes much more money and hell of a lot more relevant this nigga just easing by and eveybody going with it this nigga said he would not even be able to access her money when they were together yes the fuck you r when u r the vp of the company nigga cmon u fucking foul

  7. i agree with PENNY, just let it go mama!! Let go and let God! If Toya hasn’t seen the devil for what he is, she will eventually. You are talented and beautiful and can’t no one take that away from you. be true to yourself and all else will prevail. Live for you and Chase, not you and Memphitz, he’s OLD newz boo-boo, lol!


    1. He don’t want little wayne to beat that ass so he gonna keep it smooth for everybody. He probably got a sideline girl for his anger. Smh

  9. hey k, i just want to say that im a really big fan of your music!!!!!!!!!!!i dont blame you im crazy as mean as well and i love blue.i love your song how many times mostly its my ringtone,when you first came out i was amazed and also shocked! i said that you had an amazing’s god’s natural talent so keep singing and tell mephitz that he can just KISS YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. OMG i want to meet K.Michelle so badly,I see her on love&hiphop all the time.Girl, good job on popping off on Rasheeda like thta i would’ve did the same thing girl,anyways,just keep singing and i hope to see you one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  11. Of course he’s not going to beat Toya. Lil Wayne will have that ass.. Trust and believe he had to get lil Wayne’s permission to marry Toya. And then he may be beatin that ass and we don’t know. K Michelle you are a beautiful woman keep your head up. Sugar will turn to shit Toya will see.

  12. K Michelle ! I Love u girl…I been following you since love & hip hop aired fell in love with you and your music.The first song that I heard and fell in love with was “Where they do that at” that was one of many songs & videos that I have seen,and that’s how I became one of your Fans. Your voice is very very powerful each and every song that I hear you sing I can feel the hurt,the pain,and the determination drive for music in your voice,your heart and soul.when I feel pain and needs to be lifted up i play your songs.K Michelle God has a plan for you and you need to Let it go…before you miss out on your blessing.I watched you on love & hip hop stop been so confrontational that’s what they want to get you out of your character them girls don’t want to see you move up in the Music Industry so start melting down by counting backwards before you start pouring ,pushing,throwing things. Don’t Let Them Steal Your Dream. Keep Your Head Up Baby girl. God got his hands all over you! Keep walking in god path and praying your blessing is right around the corner. “Kiss My Ass” Song I love it….Stand Tall,Stay Strong,Be Firm,and Stay Prayed Up….Let The Past Stay In The Past… Now It’s Time To Live For The Future!!! Love u K Michelle…

  13. I feel that K. Michelle is just it… She’s getting everything that she deserves and everything that God has planned for her. It’s ALL HERS!!! She’s Beautiful… Flaws and all <3

  14. I will say this… He’s no longer her problem. K.Michelle, he’s part of your past. He may not have treated you right, he may have abused you and he may have misused you budget. But guess what? It hurts… But he did you a favor and now your smiling all the way to the bank! Cha Ching!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  15. Oh and there are a few reasons why he won’t do it to Toya. That’s because K. Michelle has put that ass on blast… And Lil Wayne will have that ass put in body bag!

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