Cover Story: Lil Chuckee – Saving Our Community Kids

In this generation, kids mostly focus on the simple things in life. What to wear to school, getting the newest technology, wondering if that certain person likes them, but is that really it? Young Money’s youngest star, Lil’ Chuckee, shows us that kids today have so much more to offer. This 14-year-old rap star is about more than just the fame and money of the rap life. As a young artist he has accomplished so much and plans to accomplish much more.

Lil’ Chuckee discusses with BE Mag’s young intern Sionne Marie about his organization ” Save Our Community Kids”. He explains to BE Mag that this organization is giving the youth in New Orleans, Louisiana the opportunity to BE more active throughout the year. This young star points out that BEing young in the city of New Orleans can BE pretty ruff at times. He continues by saying that there is only so much the youth can do outside of the parties and skating rings. With this organization Lil’ Chuckee wants to motivate the kids, and help them understand that they can BE what ever they want to BE, by coming from so little. As we continue on, Lil’ Chuckee talks to BE Mag about his new mix tape, he tells us that it was an honor working with the artist that are featured and plans to work with a few more artist in the future.

Known as the young Lil Wayne, Lil’ Chuckee is growing and accomplishing more and more each day. Inspired by his Young Money family, he is sure to BE the shining star of our next generation.

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