Cover Story: Mizay Entertainment – Meet the Execs

As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. In the ever-changing world of Music and Entertainment, who is the village BEhind some of your favorite voices???

Mizay Entertainment may not BE a name you instantly know, but it’s the driving force BEhind a numBEr of mega hits and your favorite controversial artists Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and tons of hot talent soon ready to take over the musical world. Mizay Ent prides themselves in their family-like business and the lost art of Artist Management, which they have conquered so well.

Debra Antney President/CEO
Priding herself as a mother, a businesswoman, a strong Black lady, and a creator of people, along with BEing someone who is very knowledgeable about the music industry; Mizay Entertainment founder Debra Antney opens up about her road to success and why she gladly accepts the title of “Waka Flocka’s Mom-ager”. “I am Juaquin’s mother, but I’m Waka’s manager” she so proudly states.

Mizay the name came from rapper/actors Ludacris and David Banner who referred to Deb as “Ms A”. She BEgan using the name when answering phones and noticed that it had a great sound. After adding her personal swag to it, the name Mizay was born.

India Graves Senior VP of Promotions
India Graves is the lady responsible for getting some of your favorite records played on radio stations across the gloBE, in the BEst clubs, and getting Mizay’s artists worldwide exposure. She got her start young with an independent firm in Washington DC, taking records back and forth to radio stations in the area. While working with the firm she was hired by legendary Arista Records and worked the D.C., Detroit, and Atlanta markets. She soon transitioned and took an opportunity with Virgin Records. She was one of the original people who started Virgin Records America back in the 1980s. She also had the chance to work with labels such as RCA and Def Jam, just to name a few. With all of this under her BElt, making her in her own right a part of music history, she was almost ready to give it all up…then Mizay came along!
India Graves photo by Desire
Portia Kirkland Senior VP of Marketing
With a career background that goes back over 25 years and a father that was very instrumental in the world of Hip Hop, Portia gives us insight into her life. Portia started off as a dancer in the legendary Alvin Ailey Dance Company back in New York. With the new sounds of Hip Hop taking over the city, using her father’s guidance, she decided to leave Alvin Ailey and BEcome a “B-girl”(B-girl refers to a female who practices break dancing). She soon BEgan a career in choreography and music videos. She was signed to A&M Records, which she soon after left….she was also signed to Warner Bros. After leaving the record laBEl she BEgan to see the importance and the need of marketing, artist development, knowing that these would always BE essential things when it comes to creating artists that last. She’s BEen very key in marketing for BIG laBEls like Laface, Def Jam, and Ludacris’ DTP.  Along with BEing a key player for Mizay, Portia also hosts a weekly radio show where she tackles the tough Christian topics…you don’t want to miss SKY HIGH on Sundays from 2pm – 6pm EST on
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