Cover Story: Sammie Introduces Leigh Bush

In case you didn’t get the memo, Sammie isn’t dead.

Leigh Bush, the artist formerly known as Sammie, still has his eyes on the prize & is taking this moment to reintroduce himself to the music scene.

When I initially announced that Leigh Bush would BE covering BE Magazine for a 2nd time, questions instantly started coming. Who is this Leigh Bush? When was he on the cover? But once I explained the rebranding, and let on to all that Leigh has in stored for his fans, everyone quickly jumped on board & was excited to make history.


Sammie Lee (Leigh BEing a unique playoff of his middle name) Bush exploded onto the music scene in 1999, not even old enough to BE considered a teenie-bopper yet, & hit the ground running. He took a hiatus from music to go to school, grow up, & live life, and ventured back into music in 2005 during the prime of ATL’s snap music era. He made Atlanta is home & developed his next project Sammie with super producers like Jazze Pha & B.Cox under Dallas Austin’s Rowdy Records. A few years later, Sammie released a few of mixtapes to stay current & tap into his artistry.


I recently sat down with Leigh Bush to get the scoop on the means BEhind the reintroduction, his love life (sorry ladies…he’s still single, but his heart is taken), and his latest EP The Leigh Bush Project, which hit iTunes last week.

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Photography by Keilan Scott | Styling by Troi Haynes | Public Relations: Josh King, Fly Publicity


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