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There’s much to say about Skye Townsend! She’s an intricately developed BEast, both as an actor and musically. While her last name may BE extremely familiar, she’s the daughter of actor/writer/producer RoBErt Townsend, she’s decided to create her own lane of independence while growing to BE as big of a name as her dad. With all of the love that BE has for Skye, I could probably write a book on how talented and amazing she is, but wouldn’t it BE more fun for Skye to tell you about all of the things she has going on for herself? Here’s ‘A Black Summer’s Skye”…in her own words.

I just recently decided to drop my debut EP entitled “VOMIT”. Clearly, by looking at the title, I decided to do things my way. “VOMIT” is a musical compilation of all the relationships, experiences and emotions that I’ve been exposed to in the past few years and metaphorically digested. I put the project together with no help from a label and even without a manager. I decided to break all rules with this project. It has 90’s R&B influences, Ghanian chants, rock guitars, acapella spoken word, collaborations and haunting lyrics. As far as lyrical content, I didn’t want to sugarcoat or overly sexualize my music. I covered dealing with the pain of the other woman, abusive relationships, running off a good man, how it feels to fall in love, competing with marijuana for attention and letting go of past pain. I was worried because I knew it all might be a bit agressive.. considering the fact that I’m 18.. but I took a risk.

Without a label, I’ve already worked with some of the biggest producers in the game who are responsible for helping me find myself as an artist. Eric Hudson, Warryn Campbell, Soundz, Kevin Randolph, Mike Ciro, Rock City, Remo “The Hitmaker” Green, Omen, & Young Yonny
On top of music, I’ve started dropping visuals. My first music video “Normal” is a dance anthem for lovebirds everywhere. The message is no matter who you are and who you love, all of the symptoms of falling in love are the same. We are all normal for feeling such things when falling for somebody.

On a serious note, my next video “Go Fish!” (ft. Karina Pasian & Chris O’Bannon) covers physical abuse and unhealthy relationships. The video is an aggressive black and white action filled video. It’s meant to encourage, enlighten and educate anybody who may not have the strength to move forward.

I’m working on my first film and looking into another. I should be acting in my first independent film at the end of the year.

I’m also a creative director for a non-profit that was founded by the best friend (The Wire actor Jermaine Crawford) called “Code Blue”. We raised awareness and money for homeless teens in the US. We try to remind Americans to not forget about the struggles that are going on next door.

I’m also a celebrity spokesperson for a non-profit called “Polished Girlz” (a community service org. for young girls with special needs).

I hope to inspire young people to get up and change something. As artists, we have endless opportunities to influence others. Our generation needs to be more inspired.

When did you know you wanted to BEcome a singer?
I knew I wanted to be an entertainer at a very young age. I was only three when I first announced it to my parents. I’ve stuck to it all since then.
How was it growing up with such a famous dad?
 I had a very normal upbringing. Aside from growing up in a big house and around some of the most prestigious people in Black Hollywood, I still had a pretty regular childhood. I got spankings. I got yelled at. I had to clean my room and get good grades. There were a few moments that I realized my family was different but for the most part, all of my friends lived the same lifestyle.
What things do you do to separate yourself from the “famous parent” title & create your own lane?
I’ve never used my Dad’s connections nor his money. I make my money off Youtube and Twitter and that’s my own form of ‘allowance’. I have grown up around a lot of celebrity children and never wanted to be the kid that was handed everything. I always make it very clear that I’ve created my OWN journey from the ground up. My Dad is my guru when it comes to asking questions but that’s as far as it goes. If I’m really nervous about a meeting that I’ve set up, I’ll have him come play the role of the intimidating father and help me ask all the right questions.
What are 3 things the world doesn’t know about Skye Townsend?
I’m left-handed. I’m fascinated with Bob Marley and his genius lyrics. I’m one of four Townsend children.
Tell us about your EP “Vomit”
 My EP is titled “VOMIT” because it’s a compilation of all of the experiences, sounds and relationships that I’ve “metaphorically digested” in the past few years. I wrote every song but Hazel and decided to be incredibly honest with the subject matter. It was my first project and I put together the entire thing by myself. I’m incredibly proud of the outcome.
How does it feel to BE the first artist to ever BE on BE Magazine’s cover twice…that makes you a part of our BE history!
YEEEEE! I love that I’m a part of history with BE Magazine. It warms my heart that you all even find me important enough to be on the cover. It means the world to have that kind of support. The team behind BE is just as amazing as the work. I’m honored. Truly. I didn’t expect to have my first solo magazine cover this early in my career. Thank you all for showing so much love!
What’s important to Skye?
Honest friendships. World hunger. Less-fortunate Children. My family. Helping homeless people. Cooking. Being a good samaritan. People who support me. Humanitarianism. Art. Expressing myself. Painting. My tattoos. Being true to my being. Teaching others and allowing others to teach me. Making a change.
Check out some of Skye’s HILARIOUS & TALENTED Videos
[Photo Credit: Manny Serratos | Styling Credit: Tyree Fifer | Make Up Credit: Britt Garrison]

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