Cover Story: The Evolution of Verse Simmonds Artistry by Joya Jackson

​BE Magazine was very pleased to engage in an exclusive interview with our favorite Virgin Island artist Verse Simmonds, in which he discusses his #1 hit song “Boo Thang” featuring former Destiny’s Child memBEr Kelly Rowland on his mixtape entitled The Sextape Chronicles 2. Simmonds may BE extremely busy working and writing, but had time to discuss his future endeavors with BE; while informing readers on the next big steps within his musical career.

Verse Simmonds on Working with Kelly Rowland
While being asked about Kelly Rowland Verse stated: “She ended up hearing the record, loved it, and ended up recording the next day”. He also mentioned that she has a BEautiful spirit, is a very BEautiful woman, and was happy he had the honor to work with her. “It was a blessing to have her energy on the record.” Simmonds has BEen associated with a lot of big name artists this year and was blessed that Kelly had the opportunity to BE one of them.


Verse on the Music and the Art side of what he does…
When asked if he was a studio junkie or if he connected with the people more so by touring and hitting up different spots, he responded by saying that he basically “likes to do it all”. He feels as though he receives a lot of energy just from BEing around and staying in the know of what’s going on. For him, he doesn’t like to miss out on what the world sees, so he is not in the studio all day and night. Verse makes it a priority to get out and feel the energy wherever he is.


Verse’s reaction to those who say he resembles Akon musically…
​Simmonds shares a close bond with performing artist/laBEl owner Akon; mentioning he has a “great brotherly relationship with him”. He says he has heard people talk about their resembling sounds BEfore but looks at that situation by saying “Akon has BEen selling millions of albums worldwide and if people feel that I sound like him and it opens people up to the record, I feel it is great. When they find out it isn’t me and hear the rest of the album, it allows listeners to get the full effect of who I really am…” So all and all, Simmonds has no problem hearing people’s correlation BEtween him & his close friend Akon.

What’s going on with The Sextape Chronicles Three?
As he has started prepping The Sextape Chronicles 3 a couple of weeks ago, he BElieves it’s going to BE great. His goal is to make it BEtter than the last. He is excited to put the album together and put it out there revealing that everything he has ever put out has BEen one piece bigger than the other. He plans to drop the album right BEfore Valentine’s Day, and recently released a video for Boo Thang remix. T​he remix features a couple of the hottest artists in the game including 2 Chainz and Yo Gotti.

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Why Verse is choosing to go in the direction of dropping multiple mixtapes instead of releasing albums…
Verse says there is a lot of politics with albums and he would rather “forget the politics and get straight to the point and go right to the fans and directly gain their support”. He doesn’t see much of a difference BEtween a mixtape and an album BEcause he says, “it is still a body of music that is BEing put out and I’d never put out a body of music that is not album worthy”. The fans can expect to listen to and receive the same energy as they would if they were listening to an album, but the major difference is they are not paying for it. One thing Simmonds does not do when his music is involved is throw songs out. All of his songs are “album worthy” & very “fan driven”. This method is a great means to build his continuously growing fan base and it allows people to decide how much they love his songs & projects.

The Evolution of Simmonds’ Artistry
Simmonds mentioned that he tries to always BEat the last thing he’s done and never wants to re-create what he did in the past…he made it very clear that he always wants to grow. He makes sure he uses his creative side to push himself to the limit to BEcome an artist his fans love, enjoy, and will always support. Making sure people are getting what they want out of the music and what he puts out is what he advocates.

Make sure you follow Verse Simmonds on Twitter @VerseSimmonds and visit his website to get ye scoop on the new videos Verse is planning to release. Don’t forget to let Verse facilitate your Valentines season with his upcoming Mixtape The Sextape Chronicles 3 when it releases.



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