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Second chances are far and few for many artists in this ever changing and quite fickle industry, but that’s simply not the case for pop/rockstar Fefe Dobson. Fefe hit the entertainment ground running in 2003 with her self-titled debut album, delivering hit singles “Take Me Away”, “Bye Bye Boyfriend”, “Everything”, & “Don’t Go (Boys and Girls)” which led her to BEing a part of mega-tours opening up for superstars like Justin TimBErlake & Janet Jackson; but three short-lived years later, Fefe seemed to BE watching her dreams vanish in front of her very eyes. Do REAL rockers really ever crumble & fall? Not if you have the Fefe mentality…

From a moments glance, Fefe Dobson appears to have it all. She’s definitely got the BEauty, and her obvious talent speaks for itself, but her saga isn’t purely covered with tales of extreme glitz and glamour. Sure, she’s traveled the world promoting her artistry, but that too has come with ups & downs and highs & lows. Through the industry’s yin and yang, what Fefe has managed to do is learn from each and every situation in order to grow, not only musically, but as an overall artist…including handling the business of side of things as well. That’s the position Fefe Dobson is in now, that & back under her original laBEl Island Def Jam, after BEing temporarily dropped, and the laBEl shelving her sophomore project (an album that’s critically acclaimed and regarded as classic by fellow pop musicians Miley Cyrus and Salina Gomes).

Rock & Roll encompasses heavy grit and hardcore determination, which Fefe had to channel just to stay afloat in this dog eats dog world, but instead of eating the dogs, Fefe chose to get one as inspiration for pushing forward. “I come from the projects originally, and I was scared. When I lost my deal I was afraid that I might have to go back to that and start again, and I would have…and I had to [start again]. So basically I had $500 bucks to my name, and no boyfriend, so I decided…I’m going to buy a dog. And I bought a dog and she made me happy.

Fefe’s single “Stutterin” is all over the airwaves and really resonates with lots of ladies that go through similar situations. “It’s kind of like a way to say you’re lying. I feel like everyone can relate to feeling like someone is lying to you or isn’t telling the truth; that’s my biggest fear. My biggest fear is someone not BEing honest. I just rememBEr dealing with those situations where a guy just won’t tell me the truth & lying is the scariest thing BEcause you really don’t know unless they are strong enough to tell you they’re lying…”

Fefe Dobson loves to embrace her Canadian roots & can’t BE more pleased about her native country receiving the deserved love from the States. “Toronto has always BEen a city where artists have come out and done a lot. Like you said, Alanis Morissette, and Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, and then you have the indie rock scene with Arctic Fire and lots of different bands like that…and BieBEr, and Drake. I think it’s a great thing. It’s great to see fellow Canadians cross the border and BE successful. It’s like we all feel like we know each other. You just feel happy for everyone”.

With Fefe’s rebirth in full effect, she’s already plotting and planning for an even brighter future. Fefe’s past situations have allowed her to make sure planning is an influential piece in her formula, including handpicking artists that she’d like to work with in the future. “I’d love to work with Slash, Jack White…I’d love to work with Kanye. Yup, and Kid Kudi…what I love about all those guys is that they’re just mixing genres as they go. They’re just pulling an acoustic guitar here, or whatever…there’s no boundries.

Joy is an album that also knows no boundaries & is partly responsible for Fefe’s resurrection…and is out in stores now. Fefe is such a humble spirit that honestly appreciates each and every fan for their commitment to her artistry and for their patience as she went thru her rebirth. Follow Fefe Dobson on Twitter @FefeDobson and it’s not too late to show Fefe some BDay love (She celebrated a birthday on February 28th).

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