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There aren’t many entertainers that I can call a personal friend, but after getting the call in 2011 asking if (then) new artist Vina Mills could hit the club with us to chill in our section & premier a new song, I honestly was a little reluctant. Who was this Vina Mills?

vina-mills-be-mag-048-printNever quick to rush to prejudgment, Vina stepped in the club with her team, and the rest was history! This BEautifully shaped chocolate sister with crazy dope hair breezed thru and delivered an impromptu performance as they DJ introduced the crowd to her teaser single “Love Again”, and as she entertained the crowd, I watched closely, growing more and more interested with each body jerk and head movement.

Fast forward two years, and Vina Mills has BEcome a certified phenomenon here in Atlanta. She’s performed multiple years at our annual charity fashion show No Wire Hangers, and has managed to add an element of necessity to a show that was already phenomenal prior to her jumping on. I quickly came to the notion that Vina Mills is in fact a necessity to the entertainment world, everyone may just not know it yet.

Seeing Vina lose her mind (and sometimes her hair) on stage, gave me a personal connection as to the passion she exudes for performing. She lives, breathes, and sweats stage excellence, which is normally something that new artists have to work on in hopes to wow crowds. Vina’s stage tenacity is overt whether she’s got a full crew of dancers on stage with her, or whether she’s intimately winning over new fans on her own. Either way, she’s a BEast when it comes to showcasing her craft & I fell in love with that.


I’ve BEen fortunate enough to get a firsthand look at Vina’s debut project ‘BLUEGOLD’, from the early planning stages, all the way through the release of the finished product (which is currently available for FREE download via MsVinaMills.com). BE was actually one of the few media outlets that got the opportunity to critique a numBEr of songs in preproduction & give some real personal input as to the soul of the project.


BLUEGOLD actually exceeded my wildest expectation for Vina’s debut, which doesn’t come as a big surprise. Vina is so hands on & has proven herself to BE musically picky, so anything outside of greatness would have led to a different release date with new material. Luckily, the wait is over & BLUEGOLD is yours for the taking!

Get to know Vina Mills by following her on Twitter @VinaMills & Instagram @TheVinaMills.


Take a look at Vina Mills’ LIVE stage game:

Photographer: Alex D. Rogers – @adrog1983 | Hair Stylist: Tre’ Baines – @TreBaines | WardroBE Stylist: B – @MsRunwayChic | Jewelry: PrettiGemz – @PrettiGemz | Assistant Photographer: Keilan Scott – @PhotoGuyK | Concept: Dane Young – @DaneSocial | Garments by Avnah Long – @AVNAH

Leave your comments BElow to let Vina know what you think of her debut EP & LIVE Performances!

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