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When it comes to playing the game, one must BE highly skilled and very particular in selecting your next play. You’ve gotta BE quick on your toes and always ready to capitalize on the perfect opportunities, which usually includes creating them for yourself. Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson could probably write the book on making the right moves. She’s BEen blessed with a close to 20 year prosperous career and has no plans for the game to BE over.


It’s funny how we like to continuously associate our favorite celebs with their BEst regarded roles, but when it comes to Wendy Raquel Robinson, fans find it hard to just pick one. The world loved her as Regina Grier on The Steve Harvey Show (which was Wendy’s longest run), but her role as Tasha Mack on BET’s hit series The Game, is arguably just as highly regarded. She’s always so saucy and quirky, and gorgeous, and fly, but what most people have grown to love about her is that with every role, Wendy Raquel Robinson comes across extra relatable.

Having worked with Steve Harvey for six seasons, the gracious actress couldn’t help but think back to how it was working with both Steve & Cedric the Entertainer in the late 90’s. “The Steve Harvey Show, when that came along, that could have ran longer, but he was like, you know what, it’s time to get out while we’re on top. I was like NOOOO! [laughs]. You know that’s easy to say when your name is Steve Harvey of The Steve Harvey Show, but you know what, he was right. He would always say, you gotta leave em thirsting for more. I watched Steve Harvey work so hard, from getting up at 4 AM for the radio show, then he’d come to the set & we’d do the rehearsals and the shooting, and then him and Cedric would pop out after taping & would fly out and do the Kings of Comedy. I was like WOW! It just made me feel like mayBE I wasn’t working hard enough…He’s not afraid; and I love that.”

Wendy Raquel & I had a little fun during our interview. She allowed me to run a BE Pop Quiz on her, where I brought up certain words & she had to say the first thing that came to mind. Check it out BElow…

[Photo Credit: DEREK BLANKS]


Wendy: Bold, ferocious, funny, & fly. BALLER!


Wendy: Committment, compromise, understanding, & communication…I could keep going on that one [laughs]…patience, understanding, Lord Jesus. Ok next question.


Wendy: Oh, tender roni [laughs], but gentle, giving, funny, and genuine. Very genuine. He was like ‘oh my God, I can’t BElieve I’m doing this’…but he really brought it. Hell, he in the movie & I ain’t even in the movie. I was like, really Steve [laughs]. I was like everybody in the movie but me. Imma BE in the sequel. [laughs]

BEmag: When I bring up BET, what comes to mind? 

Wendy: Risk takers, answer your phone call, BEing present, BEing innovative. Accessibility that I’ve never had BEfore. I’ve BEen on a lot of different networks & I’ve never had the accessibility or the communication. It’s just a hands on network & I’m glad to BE a part of it while it’s blossoming. So…SHOUT OUT TO BET!!

BEmag: Black-N-Mild

Wendy: Random…that was just so random. You know what that was? They had wrote in that Tasha was smoking a cigar and coming down the street. Well I’m talking to the props guys BEcause I’m very specific about the choices she makes, and  I was like really a cigar? It just didn’t go well with me, so I was like if I could justify it in any way, I could just go with a Black-N-Mild. That’s where that came from. It was my choice, I didn’t want Tasha just walking down the street smoking a cigar; I could see if we were going to BE at a cigar bar, but this wasn’t that. But Tasha’s from Oakland, Richmond area, so she knows a little bit about those Swishers…[LAUGHS]. I just had to try to keep it as authentic as possible.

Whether you call her by her real name Wendy Raquel Robinson, or you choose to call her by Tasha Mack, either way, she has a name that you will BE saying. Her longevity in the game speaks volumes for her endurance and passion for what she does. She’s both talented and trained, and knows exactly what she’s doing.  Wendy Raquel Robinson is blessed enough to BE a part of history though her current role as Tasha Mack since the show has BEen given a second chance. “Bringing The Game back was really humbling, but at the same time it was an added pressure. It’s like whoa, with the fans, we can’t BE bringing no BS, we gotta bring it & bring it tight each and every week. So it really elevated the playing field & THE GAME literally that the actor brought to the show BEcause that don’t happen! I don’t know of another show that that has really happened to by viewers choice gets cancelled & picked back up & have a greater life than it did BEfore.” 

Wendy Raquel Robinson is also a philanthropist through her Saving Grace Conservatory Non-Profit. Make sure you follow @IAmWendyRaquel on Twitter & continue to support one of Hollywood’s BEst Black Actresses in THE GAME!

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