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Rapper Nick Javas has BEen under the BE Magazine radar for quite some time, so when we got the opportunity to sit down with the NJ native, we jumped at the opportunity. Javas’ rap technique & his passion for the craft make his an unBElievable threat in the game & making him a quick media must for entities like VH1 & of course BE Magazine. In the entertainment industry we often times find ourselves judging a book by it’s cover, but artists like Javas defy those terms and sets his own bar. Here’s what you don’t know about Nick Javas…

Who is Nick Javas? 

Nick Javas is just a good dude trying to make the most of his talents.  I do what I do with 100% conviction or I don’t do it at all.  So at the end of the day, if someone doesn’t approve of me or my work I’m ok with that…BEcause I do.

When did you first discover you had skills? 

I first discovered I had skills when I was playing college football at Rutgers.  I had a bunch of teammates who would rhyme all the time, so one day I just jumped in the cypher and spit something I’d written in the middle of the night after watching Kanye’s “Through the Wire” video.  That later BEcame my first song entitled “Today’s a Gift”.  I didn’t expect much of a reaction, but apparently I had undervalued my flow.  My roommates would ask me to spit it damn near every time we had company and I happily obliged.


What sets you apart from other rappers? Are you sometimes grouped in the “white rapper” category? 

I think something that sets me apart from other rappers is the fact that I’m willing to make fun of myself.  I have no desire to BE a “swag rapper”, but it just so happens I’m cool as shit BEcause I’m comfortable in my skin. We’re all human BEings, which means by nature we have flaws.  I’m willing to embrace those and work on them as opposed to make excuses for them or attempt to cover them up (see Baldin’ video). Hopefully that inspires other people to do the same as opposed to living their lives trying to impress people or hiding their insecurities.  And as far as the “white rapper” category, I feel like categorizing is a waste of time.  You’re either good or you’re not.  BEsides, according to almost every black friend I’ve ever had, “You ain’t white, you Italian.” (For the record…Greek too)


Who are your musical influences? 

There are so many to BE mentioned, but I can’t go without mentioning guys like Kanye and Andre 3000 BEcause they have no fear when it comes to taking chances creatively.  If it feels right to them, they do it knowing that they’ll be putting themselves in danger of BEing judged and critiqued.  That takes balls and I respect that.

What was the recording process like when recording your current mixtape “Detour”?  

Well I personally love warm weather music, so I knew that I wanted this mixtape to have a summer feel to it.  I already had a few songs recorded that had that sound and I also had a few BEats that I hadn’t written to yet.  From there I started jogging my memory to find some songs that in my opinion were summer classics, so I cut them up and looped them to leave myself enough space to lay verses.  I reached out to a few artists to make an appearance on a few of the songs, and I cut all the vocals (aside from Gist the Essence who sent his from Queens) at my home studio in Weehawken, NJ. Finally I reached out to DJ Premier and asked him to put together a “Destination Unknown” album trailer as a bonus track, and then asked Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 to do the intro.  I didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion at any point BEcause I didn’t want any outside influence whatsoever.  I brought all the sessions to my man Parks at Headqcourterz in NYC, I sat in on the final mixes, and the rest is history.

Why should people download “Detour” & where is it available?  

People should download “Detour” BEcause it’s the perfect soundtrack to summer living.  I guarantee you’ll BE thoroughly entertained from BEginning to end.  It’s got a great mix of dope lyrics, party songs, melodic hooks, comedy, a song for my niece who was born during the recording process, and even a sneak preview of my album “Destination Unknown”.  You can download it at www.nickjavas.com.

You’re known for BEing a connoisseur of some pretty unique drinks…if there was a drink called the Nick Javas, what would BE the contents?   

Wow, great question.  It would actually BE called the “Guinea Greeceball” AKA the “Rocky Souvlaki”.  It would BE a mixture of Ouzo and Limoncello (which might BE terrible but it represents my family background) and would only BE served in a Coffee Coolatta-type cup with a dome lid with eyebrows on it.  Drink up!

What’s next for Nick Javas? 

A Warrior of the Light never speaks of his plans.  But for now I’m gonna make myself a sandwich.

Follow Nick Javas on Twitter @NickJavas & download DETOUR by clicking [HERE]

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