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James C. Lewis is a native of Statesboro, GA, following graduation from High School he relocated to Atlanta, GA where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Atlanta. After working in The Corporate World of Advertising & Marketing for 10yrs, James decided to launch his own Photography Studio in 2008. Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios is a one stop creative shop located in the great city of Atlanta, GA. This studio offers you the BEst of photography, graphic design and illustration. James is also the visionary BEhind the Noire3000 | N3K Fashion Galas that were initiated back in 2009. In 2013 James was invited to London, England for his very first International Photography Exhibit… following this great success, his work went on to BE featured in the National Museum of Modern Culture in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway. To view more of James’s work please visit: www.noire3000studios.com 

James C. Lewis

How would you describe your passion for photography?

I would describe my passion for photography as a never ending quest to educate and stimulate the viewers of my work. One’s creations must not only be intriguing to the eye… it must also enlighten the mind.

Was this your first field of artistry? 

No… actually my first field of artistry was drawing which I BEgan doing at age 2.

We know that you are into fashion and portrait photography; do you plan to explore other areas? 

I would not define my work as simply fashion & portrait photography as I am quite diverse in my genre. I range from very Avant Garde creative to the very basic everyday lifestyle photos. So I would say I cover all bases of photography, however I would like to explore the aspect of combining more of my videography skills into my photography as well.

Name two photographers that inspire to BE a BEtter artist?

I would say the two photographers that have always inspired me have been James Van Der Zee (1886-1983) and David LaChapelle (b.1963). James Van Der Zee was the leading figure in photography during the Harlem Renaissance and his way of capturing this historic era, which told a story within itself, always fascinated me. David LaChapelle on the other hand is completely unorthodox in his approach to photography. It’s very edgy, over-the-top, bizarre and eye-catching…. ALL of the things that I love to see when I look at a photograph.

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How do you BEgin your creative process?

I BEgin my creative process differently depending on the project. Most times my creativeness is sparked by music…. I have a very eclectic palette when it comes to music so the tunes somewhat guide me into that zone.

What sets you apart from other Atlanta photographers?

I personally think what sets me apart from other Atlanta photographers is my very outspoken approach to societal issues. I am not afraid to make very prominent statements through my work. What most refuse to HEAR they can not refuse to SEE; I BElieve these photographic messages will continually resonate with audiences long after I’m gone.

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Is there anyone with whom you would love to work? 

Yes… I would love to work with Andre3000 who was the inspiration BEhind my company name. NOIRE is French for Black which is my heritage and 3000 came from Andre who is so very over-the-top and against-the-grain which I think defines my style completely.

What do you hope for N3K Photo Studios to BEcome?

I would like to see Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios BEecome a Hub for all things creative.

1. Launch a foundation that teaches young minorities the importance of honing their artistic talents.

2. I am currently cultivating new talent, however I see a Father Agency BEing birthed from this.

3. Branching out with my Fashion Galas to other countries.

4. Continuing to spread my brand around the world.

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How can we find you on social media? I can BE found on social media via my website at www.noire3000studios@gmail.com. Also, I can BE found on Twitter: Noire3000 | Instagram: _mr_n3k  | Tumblr: RawNoire

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