Creepa Showing Love


It was all too obvious that Creepa was an instant fan favorite on MTV’s first season of “From G’s to Gents”, but adoring fans weren’t the only know to know he’d walk away with the title. “I’m cool wit’ everybody man, and I been doing music & open mics for a long time. I’m cool wit’ niggas from the street & industry niggas; some of the industry niggas told me about the show & I was like that’s my show cuz you’ll never find a nigga more G than me or more gentleman than me.” 

Creepa grew up on the harsh streets of Miami Dade, and always saw music as a platform to be a better dude, but he also recognized that music wasn’t the only opportunity he had to shine. “The media has a funny way of making it seem like the only way out of a bad situation or out the hood-so to speak-is by music or playing sports. So I guess by me leaving & not a lot of people being able to do that, it’s like I left for everybody. When i came back I made sure I showed them what I learned. It’s a lot more bigger business out there than just rapping, you know what i’m saying, and wanting to be a baller; if you use your brain, you control the whole thing.”

With obvious common sense, it’s no big magoical wonder that Creepa had high hopes for his $100,000 MTV prize money from starting a non-profit foundation working with kids all the way to furthing his passion for music and starting his own record label. “I’m back going hard with the music, you know, I had to take a step back for a second because of all of these swagger-jackers out here. That stuff kinda gets me hot, when you hear these dudes acting and rhyming about “your” lifestyle, but now I’mma show these cats what’s really happening cuz they ain’t doing it right.”

Before his stint in reality tv land, Creepa wasn’t one that event watched much tv due to his mother quickly revealing the real from the fake, and even admitted having fears of flying out to California for the actual filming & leaving Miami in general. “I was even scared to walk in and sit in front of the folks, cuz I was like I know I’m gon win, but sometimes you can be scared of success. Even after all the success life gets crazier cuz that’s when everybody starts popping out on you with their hands out & the sad stories about folks lights about to get cut off & the anxiety attacks happen…man I was having real bad anxiety attacks after I won.” 

Creepa plans on maintaining his positive nature and capitalize on the platforms “From G’s to Gents” continues to provide for him. He’s in the plans for his own shot at reality tv throne with an upcoming show a la Flavor Flav & Ray J called “For the Love of Creepa”. Along with staying the reality lime, Creepa is diving head-first back in the music industry crafting his own skill & providing an opportunity for other aspiring rappers that may not have the resources or industry smarts that he possesses.

You can catch Creepa touring the nation for charity on the BET Rap-It-Up Tour & check hin out on myspace at or hit his MTV page [HERE] & follow him on twitter at



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