Crystal Nicole: The New & The Great by Daon Drisdom


Crystal Nicole, one of R&B’s newest artists, has done nothing less than proved to BEcome one of the greatest artists on the scene!  From the deep lyrics she writes to the BEautiful sound that comes from her voice, Crystal Nicole already shows the legend in her.


BEing named 2010 ASCAP Songwriter of the Year gave Crystal Nicole confirmation that people were listening to the things she interpreted through her music.  Did receiving this recognition raise the bar for this young and talented artist? Yes, but Ms. Nicole also expresses the two sides to her working: a productive side and a lazy side!  Something we all experience in life.  But none of that hinders her ability to write a song, tell a story, and bring people to appreciate the true BEauty in music.  You’ve heard her lyrics in some of your favorite artists’ music such as Rihanna, Brandy, Jennifer Lopez, BEyonce and Mariah Carey (Carey’s hit single Touch My Body was one the Crystal took part in & she also penned Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World”).

Now that Crystal Nicole is establishing herself as an artist you can hear more from her personally.  Especially in her new single Pinch Me, a song of a troubled heart.  But of course she doesn’t stop there, as C.Nicole continues to create her album, song titles like Covergirl, Everyday Woman and Essence of a Woman already have a sound of deep emotion and great inspiration to not only the women of the world to do but for everyone BEcause all Crystal wants is for her music to touch someone and make a difference in their life.


BEfore Crystal Nicole decided to put her career on a solo track, she attempted BEing a part of a few different female groups, which all turned out to BE successful.  In those different times she found herself working with people who did not take what she thought was something everyone should enjoy as seriously as she did.  She also found that she was forcing her own passion on others who didn’t have the drive as she did.  After realizing these things she decided to focus on her music individually.  Making that decision proved to BE the BEst decision.  So good that producer and artist Jermaine Dupri took Crystal Nicole under his wing and guided her further in the industry.  And from Dupri to Blackground Records’ own Barry Hankerson.  Hankerson found Crystal in the studio writing and BEfore he even knew the BEautiful sounds that came from her voice, he noticed the package…she was to BE a successful artist all around.

Along with her music, Crystal Nicole serves as the spokesperson for the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence.   From personal experiences and seeing domestic violence as a young child, Crystal plans on spreading as much knowledge as possible about the plights of domestic violence.  She started with the BE THE VOICE campaign and will not stop there.


Keep checking on the talented, wise, and amazing artist as she flies through the music industry! Follow her on Twitter @1crystalnicole and Facebook at www.facebook.com/Cristyle.

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