Cup of Joe

With out apology, I am a Barack Obama fan! For me, he snatched it at the 2004 Democratic Convention. SO it was no surprise to me he ran and clinched his party’s nomination. SO of course I was already thinking who is going to accompany this great as his Vice Presidential candidate as we now call the “Veep”. I mean, I went through whom it could have been, not including the short list CNN reports about. SO, as everyone else, I awaited the day he’d announced who his candidate would be. Now imagine if you will, how excited I was with anticipation…then it came through. Joe Biden would be the running mate for the first African American candidate. My first thought…What the …, but let me remain politically correct. Still, I began to think this dude? Really? I don’t understand…like why? I wanted someone as exciting as Sen. Obama. I mean someone who would draw in tens of thousands when he (or she) spoke. I wanted someone who could move people to tears through their words. I was not familiar with the man who was a heartbeat away from being the potential VP.

I must admit, after the Vice Presidential candidate debate took place, I became proud he was the Democratic “Veep” select. He proved not only that he’s a gentleman, but that he was smart and could actually answer anything put before him. I saw where he strengthened Barack Obama! I then read how when he met his wife she said something to the effect of, “don’t think I am impressed with the title he held and in fact he should feel lucky that I voted for him…” I was like hmm…is she a sistah? As time has went along, I believe that Barack Obama made a wise decision to get a guy from Scranton, PA who can chop it up on the foreign policies like Barack can motivate a nation to change. I now know what a great political team looks like… Here’s to a cup of JOE! Don’t forget your options: early voting, absentee ballot, or in person on November 4th. For more information there are a number of websites you can visit.

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