Cynthia Bailey’s RHOA Viewing Party

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s newBE Cynthia Bailey hosted a viewing party as she made her appearance on tonight’s episode of Bravo’s mega hit series. Cynthia sat along side her husband Peter Thomas in a room full of awaiting fans, friends, and of course some of the BEst media Atlanta has to offer. The viewing party was held at Rare, a chic little restaurant in Midtown Atlanta.

Cynthia’s character seems to BE pretty interesting; it’s good to see a real housewife (of Atlanta) represented in a positive light! Knowing the plot of the show, there’ll surely BE some drama with Mrs. Bailey-Thomas & her then fiance Peter (yup…it leaked that the couple did get married over the summer). Make sure you tune in to Bravo on Monday’s at 9PM EST to catch the shadiest, but one of the BEst shows in America.

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