Da Kennel

Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Da Kennel is determined to put their city on map. As a nine -man collective compiled of 6 rappers and 3 in house producers, they have the breeding ground for something real and worth the listen. Bringing the heat with their scorching lyrics and tracks, they offer up a pool of talented individuals all focused on the progression of one sound. Already drawing comparisons to other all male collectives like the St. Lunatics, Wu Tang, and Slaughterhouse, Da Kennel looks forward to setting themselves a part and showcasing their talent.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time and for us it’s all about the music,” says Skillz. “Our songs have developed so much in the last few years, from doing shows to making mix-tapes, and that growth can be heard on our record.”

Although the guys have known each for years, Da Kennel didn’t become official until a few years ago. While Unknown, Mage, Gram Citi, Skillz McNeilla, Kuntry, and Leland Ray bring out the groups lyricism; Dat Boi Pizz, Rip Rugga, and J.C. provide the music that allows them to showcase the bark and the bite that makes them Da Kennel.

“We basically started out as a bunch of friends just freestyling,” says Unknown. “But, soon we started buying equipment, making our own beats and the songs just started coming.” 

Living in a house together, along with their pet pit bulls, could get grimy at times, but all their feelings and emotions were translated into hard-hitting songs. “We were rapping on a daily basis,” says Citi. “We had our little beat machine and played them on a little stereo until our styles were perfected.”

Fully representing North East, Ohio Da Kennel uses the different elements of life to spark their creative juices. “For instance, somebody could say a sentence and that will start one hook or even just a melody will start a hot song,” states Mage.  “We are influenced by rappers of the late 80’s and 90’s, each other and every day life experiences. With there being so many of us your guaranteed to get a different feel from each member of the group”.

Currently backed by Elite Music LLC, the release of their new mixtape Hood II Hood is due to give the streets exactly what they’ve been looking for.  With their new single “Model” continuing to receive spins and ads across the region and in the South, Da Kennel is positioned to aggressively stake their claim in the industry.

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