Darius Williams: From a Humble BEginning, Now The Face Of Ralph Lauren


It was early last month when the BE-Style team first introduced our #FashionKillas to the fresh face of Ralph Lauren F/W 2014, model Darius Williams. Fast-forward and now we’ve had the opportunity to interview this break-out model with smooth skin and a fit physique. The 6’1.5″ Louisiana native is making strides in the industry and we needed to know just how he felt about this new fame and how he plans to make his mark.

Here’s what Darius had to share:

BE-Style: Did you ever think or dream your current successes as a child?

DW: Early in my childhood, I knew I did not want to be of the norm. But I had no idea I would venture into this particular arena.


BE-Style: How does it feel coming BEhind the likes to Tyson Beckford as an African-American model for Ralph Lauren?

DW: It feels refreshing to have someone like Tyson to follow BEhind, especially while working for one of the most prestigious brands in America. After a few brief conversations with Tyson, he instilled in me to always strive to, not only do BEtter, but learn while doing so.


BE-Style: What is it about this industry that drives you? hwd92WtJ20h2J2COyyJ56K515nVoe1HTItu42nefaac

DW: This industry is undeniably cut-throat and challenging, but it’s how you view it. I’m motivated by the opportunity of BEing your own self entity and freely expressing your personality while selling both brands.


BE-Style: This is clearly a huge platform upon which you find yourself standing, how do you plan to use it to inspire others? And do you feel it your responsibility to do so?

DW: A huge platform indeed this is. I know I have responsibility to inspire others. The biggest inspiration for me is seeing one work so hard at carving his niche in life to where involuntarily fun. That’s what I give and will continue to give.

BE-Style: What is your favorite fit or style of clothing? 2458315_fpx

DW: I’m the T-shirt slim jeans type. I’m a country, southern guy so I love to keep it casual and relaxed. *But I sure don’t mind putting a formal look together to match my dance shoes.


BE-Style: Have you met or worked with anyone that left you starstruck?

DW: The times I met Oprah Winfrey and Ralph Lauren at the same time was my most start-struck moment. At the time, I honestly could not process it. The first person I told was my mom and she was more excited than me. Which I thought was impossible at the time. Haha


BE-Style: Name a designer, model, and photography (1 each) that you would love to work with and why?

DW: One designer I would absolutely love to work with is Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy). He is one of the first major designers I learned of, and his ideas and creations are like no other. A model that I’ve BEen wanting to work with is Naomi Campbell. She is a perfect example of a model who has turned their brand into an empire, and is currently still serving it (*fingersnap). A photographer I’d love to work with is Steven Klein. After knowing his story, and seeing how he continues to produce star quality work is most motivating.


BE-Style: Do you have a skin care and workout regiment that you stick to or can we blame your looks on genetics?

DW: Genetics play a big part in my looks. But nothing is perfect, so I do BElieve in fine tuning. Other than quarterly check ups at the dermatologists, I wash my face twice daily and try to sweat my pores out as much as possible during workouts. As far my workout regime, I’m big on crossfit. But anything that will make me sweat instantly and for a long period of time, then I’m in. And I mean ANYTHING !!


BE-Style: Has BEing a working model impacted your in ways you didn’t expect?

DW: BEing a working model has, very well, impacted me in many ways. Coming into this business, I wasn’t aware of the endless opportunities one could have just from your associations. I had to do a lot of growing up in a short period of time to BE able to obtain and manipulate the opportunities presented BEfore me.


BE-Style: What is it about modeling that makes you get up everyday and love it?

DW: The various sectors you are able to pursue by constantly building character and personality is what keeps me fueled and happy with modeling.


BE-Style: What do you hope for your modeling career to BEcome?

DW: I hope for my career is that, it would BE a window into the possibilities available to the next minority high school kid from a small town on the other side of the country or world. To let it BE known that you can come from the smallest of towns, the worst situations, and still end up on top.


BE-Style: Leave you fans and no followers with a final thought…

DW: “It is not how you feel about it; it’s how you handle it.” – RJ 

Darius may be found on social media’s Instagram @darius_williams11.


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