Daron Jones- ” The RE-Invention”

BE MAG: The biggest question we got to ask you is: What is the actual situation with 112? Are you all back together as a group “officially”?

Daron: Well right now its just show dates at the moment and that’s all it is, but hopefully it will turn an album. You know me and Mike talk about that a lot, we want to do music again as a group as well as our solo projects. But right now we just taking day steps and doing these shows. It kicked off in Atlantic City and it was House of Blues. We were there with Faith Evans and Cease. It was a SOLD OUT show.  So that whats going on at the moment.

BE MAG: How is your personal relationship with the guys now? Are you guys still considered as “brothers” even though you were recording together ?

Daron: Yeah we was cool always. I mean we always had our separate lives, but we never had really any personal issues with each other. From a business stand point and For the most part is was growing pains you know creatively we  had different things we wanted to express but i think coming back now we realized that we can express what we want to individually and as a group without being separate from each other.

BE MAG: The SOLD OUT show in Atlantic City. How did that feel? Did you pick up from where you left off?

Daron: It was the same thing man! It was like we never really left you know. BEing on-stage with the fellas and doing those 112 classics and hitting the steps we rehearsed two weeks before the show. It was fun and its like WOW!, we back out here and doing it. It felt Good.

BE MAG: I read your were a self taught pianist? And it was by the time you were in First grade?? Is that correct?

Daron: Yeah I played the piano a lot as a kid. My grandma would say “All the other kids round here playing and running in the yard, and you was just on the porch trying to figure out that piano” *LOL. So it was always me playing by ear, but then as i got older you know my mom wanted me to get trained so i went to a music school Sue Hampton Divine School and i started there but i never finished, I was stubborn kid man and wanted to do music my way but I’ve always been a musician first even before a singer.

BE MAG: Your Family foundation and support? Is that apart of why you have been so successful?

Daron: Definitely my moms and sister was always behind me. They supported me in everything I did and wanted to do you know.I did alot of singing in the church. I was apart and played for the church choir and youth choirs as well . Always supported and even now.

BE MAG: Alot of people may not know how extensive a songwriter you are man. You have written so many songs for 112 and other top artist in the industry. Can you tell you tell us about Daron the songwriter and Daron the artist?

Daron: Its been a journey for me. A self-discovery type of process with both Daron the songwriter and Daron the artist. I think in the beginning i really struggled to find my voice as a artist cause for so long i was writing music for everyone else. So i was getting into those people and who they were, whether it was Usher or Pink or Keyshia Cole or whomever. I was always a member of 112 and the primary writer and producer as well, so i was kinda like getting perspective from the guys and writing for us collectively but as a solo artist it kind of took me some time to find that voice. Daron the Artist and Writer had to be separate so i learned that.

BE MAG: How does it feel to hear your work on the radio or performed by artists?

Daron: It feel amazing! The industry is so UP and DOWN. You may write a record and the artist might turn it down. You want that song to reach the audience its intended for you know you want it to see the light of day. But it is very rewarding when they do choose to use a song you wrote and they record it and its a single. You want that you want that message received. Its awesome.

BE MAG: What is your favorite memory during the BAD BOY era?

Daron: Hmm I would say, i think the first time we heard our song on the radio! it reminded me of a movie * lol We was all together and we heard “Only You” on the radio and we was like “WOW this is it, its really happening”.

BE MAG: Your Favorite 112 song?

Daron: Favorite 112 song is “I’m A Player” and i say that because it was during a time when i think as an artist and group we growing up and becoming men. The songs were more mature and risky. I think that at that time that message as far as what we were going through as men yo know was honest and it was real life what was going on.

BE MAG: Talk to us about your solo project.  What was your direction your trying to go and What inspired you to do it?

Daron: The new album is called Re-Invention. It means to take something that’s familiar and make an improved versio of it. So with my album the primary direction is that 90’s sound that people know me for and like and taking it to level 10. Ive taken myself to a new level as an artist, songwriter, and performer.

BE MAG: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career?

Daron: I’m gonna say most valuable lesson is to stay HUMBLE. Always stay hungry no matter what you do , there is someone trying to do it better you know. Always be kind. Being an artist and being put on a pedestal sometimes we can kind of get into a “diva” phase and we putting others down and we feeling lie we better. But remember we all people and we dealing with stuff.

BE MAG: If we got a hold of your I-pod what music would we find you listening to?

Daron: Right now im listening to Usher, Chris Brown, Issac Carree a gospel singer, he is like one of my biggest inspirations vocally. That’s about it at the moment. Beyonce!* chuck;les i like her last album she put out and Kanye and Jay-z too.

BE MAG: Any things you wanna clear up and set straight?  Some folks out there who may have heards some things that aren’t accurate or true?

Daron: Well its funny you say that. I think alot of times and i say this to people a lot I think Puffy gets the short end of the stick sometimes you know. It’s like his perception in public for me being, espcially being apart of bad boy thing, Puffy put a lot of people in place to make great careers for themselves. Period, and when those go sour or don’t move forward he gets the blame for it, instead of the praise for what he did for those artist to help them. I think he gets the bad guy reputation alot. Its not anything super personal sometimes we as artist we do certain deals. We (112) were signed to a production deal. Like the one you may have heard about with TLC was in. It didn’t have anything to do with Arista or Puffy. They kinda of got caught up in the crossfire of things when they went down.

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