David Duane: Finding his “Fierce” Wings

BE MAG: Who is David Duane??

DD: I am a independent singer, dancer, music producer, radio personality and sometimes artist promoter as well. My brand is very pop, with alternative rock edge to it.  It’s a mixture of different sounds and elements. I started singing at age 11. Its always something i wanted to do. At first I was shy about my voice and finding exactly what is my sound. Which is kind of weird LOL. I remember singing for a friend over the phone , I sang JoJo’s ” Leave (Get Out)”  and they were like man you can sing, and I’m like “yeah right I sound terrible” *LOL.

BE MAG:  Who is apart of your Support System?

DD: My mom and my grandmother have always pushed me to be better than what I am and to never give up.

BE MAG: Who are your influences?

DD:  I’m influenced by so many artists: Beyonce, Michael Jackson, All American Rejects, Paramore, Prince, Adele and Chris Brown. I can say that without those artist and their incredible talents,  man I dont think I would be doing this I love all those artists.

BE MAG: Being an independent artist?

DD: Man! I’ve been kind of waiting for someone to ask that. I was on twitter the other day as a matter of fact and someone had tweeted that they invested money into their project, but didn’t have any promotion. I feel like ok your music has to be on point but your promotion does as well you know. You have to make people believe in your brand and what your trying to sell to them. Social media is everywhere and big now so you must use it to your advantage man.cause without it, truthfully, you wont make it. I’m just being real. I mean just posting a video to “Youtube” ain’t gonna cut it! You can’t sit back, you have to be relevant and proactive all the time.

BE MAG:  Give us some insight into your EP project, “Fierce Wings- First Time Coming”.

DD: The process of recording this EP was kind of lengthy, it took a little more than a year. Everyone was waiting to hear this project caused I always talked about it. Honestly it took so long cause I wanted to explore all these sounds and I went through so many ideas with producers. The writing process is kind of different for me I take it with different approaches sometimes like i might come up with a title first and then describe what it means to me. Or I might sing it acapella then write it. It depends on how I’m feeling at the time. I definitely try to write songs that relate to everyday things people go through. Sometimes I do  feel like I may put too much out there * chuckles, but that’s how I do man. I honestly feel like you really cant give too much. Speak your mind you know!

BE MAG: Biggest lesson learned so far?

DD: I’ve learned to never give up and let people negativity affect you. I always push in my interview to be positive. Negative comments can really get to you sometimes, but at the end of the day it is what it is and it comes along with this business.

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