Dawn Richard – Life's After Math

What do you do when the rug feels like it’s been pulled from under you’re feet? Most people shy away from the struggle, but not DK’s finest, Dawn Richard. Struggle seems second nature to Dawn, but as you’re literally seeing each Thursday evening, she has that pick it up and go mentality which is why the aftermath seems more like an introduction.

Be Magazine got the opportunity to chat with Ms. Richard about what her BRIGHT future entails, so check out the links BElow to find out what this BAD GIRL has in store…

BE MAG: The world has Been peeping your comics. Tell me how Danity Kane Comics came to BE

BE MAG: When did you first pursue you passion as a paper/pencil artist? Where you in grade school, high school? What was the initial vision BEhnd the comics?

BE MAG: So how does it feel to see your dream come to fruition?


BE MAG: When it comes to music, you’re so musically inclined (you know I had to take a minute to give props to a voice that stamps platinum on any album she blesses), did you always have a singing passions? Where you like the little choir girl back in New Orleans and all that?

BE MAG: I actually was doing some research about the pronunciation of you last name. Of course folks that watch you on the show, but aren’t native to New Orleans, pronounce your last name the way it looks, but our Event Coordinator Suga is also from your home town, and she said if we really wanted to impress you, to make sure to pronounce your name correctly, which is Richard (Ree-Shard). Is there truth to that? Are New Orleans folk that in tune with each other?

BE MAG: Tell me when it comes to the music…where [do] you wanna go now? 

BE MAG: I can’t help but mention what millions of viewers physically saw you overcome and come from…Hurricane Katrina. This is something that has affected your entire life, how’s the transition BEen since?

BE MAG: When people run into you from High School, what’s their initial reaction?

BE MAG: Who’s in Ms. Richard’s iPod right now? Who are we digging that good old inspiration from?

BE MAG: How important is it to dig from all of your musical inspirations to create the package that it DAWN?

BE MAG: BEfore we let you go, can you break it down and give me your though process on the industry as a whole?

With such a humble and persistent spirit, it’s no wonder why this modern day Super Woman is now acclaimed an official BAD GIRL…(cuz she can’t stop, cuz she won’t stop…)

Dawn Richard is a fluid as music, so you know she has GIGANTIC things tucked away. To get the scoop on Ms. Richard you can visit her Myspace or get at her on Twitter. Make sure you jump off of here and check out Issue I of Danity Kane Comics!!!

www.myspace.com/dawnrichard | www.twitter.com/DawnRichard | www.DanityKaneComics.com

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