Day 26 – Forever in Brotherhood

Show Spelled Pronunciation [bruhth -er or, for 9, bruhth -ur] Show IPA noun, plural brothers, (Archaic ) brethren; interjection

a male numbered among the same kinship group, nationality, race, profession, etc., as another; an associate; a fellow member, fellow countryman, fellow man, etc.: a fraternity brother. [source]

The word BROTHER isn’t a term that’s used or taken lightly, and for Brian Andrews, Mike McCluney, Qwanell Mosley (a.k.a. “Que”), Robert Curry, and Willie Taylor – the word breathes new life each day the five of these fellas cross paths. It’s no secret how Day 26 (Bad Boy/Atlantic) came to woo the hearts and souls of millions of fans across the world, but how their unbreakable chain has remained in tact is a question that still puzzles many a fan, even after witnessing the ups and downs of what could BE arguably MTV’s most controversial reality show to date – Making The Band.

with the new wave of reality TV taking over, it’d appear simple for life’s fate to knock at your door, personally snatch you up, sit you next to influential folk, and bada boom bada bam – you’re a made man. Those folk with IQ’s higher than a box of rocks know the game, and understand the pressure and stress that non-stop cameras add. When millions of people are privy to such personal portions of your existence, it gets real hard to cover up the harsh realities that groups, labels, and even fans often times like to brush under the plushest of carpets. Especially if the finished project merely reflects the talent that got them that spot in the first place. For Day 26, this is reality that’s been the status quo for just about the last two years. Even BEfore their creation on August 26, 2007 in front of – you guessed it – millions of viewers, the members of Day 26’s lives were invaded by a pledge of being filmed for television. The average hungry rising star would probably sign on the dotted line BEfore considering any of the logistics, constraints, or any ill will the agreement could bring; but what do you do when you’re called to your fate and it’s all or nothing?

Unlike their female MTB counterparts, Day 26 decided to ride the wave of brotherhood to supercede the constant BS. bricks of the game. They’ve taken a untied we stand approach that can only BE respected and admired, even if there seemed to BE a “Making the Band Meltdown” right BEfore our very eyes. Any time you put a multitude of testosterone in the same spot for too long, to merge strong willed opinions, and equally represented talent, you can best BE assured of some heated circumstances. Add Diddy and MTV to the equation and you could BE in for an all out riot. Day 26 has endured. Even to drop a second album. Even in the face of “The Curse.” Eden’s Crush, Da Band, Danity Kane…all the way to old school BBE groups like 112, there seems to something that plagues a certain element of longevity that every artist, whether solo or group member, desires. So what is it that these five fellas have that the others don’t? Many speculate on the fact that they truly ARE brothers and it’s known in the hood how brothers have the golden key to put that check down when your brothers get out of line. Still others credit it to their passion for the craft. The brothers known as Day 26 plan on taking Bad Boy back to that next level…MISSION COMPLETE!


BE Magazine got the opportunity to chop it up with the fellas of Day 26 to get the real scoop on life after the show.

BE Mag: Y’all getting it in right now! Go head and tell me what’s BEen going on since we’ve last seen you.

Day 26: Right now we just kicked off the’FOREVER IN A DAY’ Tour…we’re scheduled to hit Sacramento & San Fransisco in one night so that’s gon’ BE crazy jumping from one stage & in like 45 mins to an hour BEing on another one in a different city. So we’re just staying on this grind man, on the road…us featuring J.Holiday, so you know…

BE Mag: That’s the words man. So y’all are coming off of a real controversial season; how was it watching that & actually seeing it as opposed to going through it?

Day 26: Man we crazy, that all I can say about that (Willie). A bunch of derranged guys man in one group. But forreal man it ws crazy, but it was reality. If we could deny it & not show it to the world, we would have, but we feel like the world got a chance to view us & see us in rare form, take sides, & you know see who they felt was wrong, voice their opinions. So they felt like they helped resolve the situation, which made it BEtter for us, you know what I mean?

BE Mag: Definitely. And to drop an album right after that (which is a BANGING album by the way), how does that feel to get a chance to showcase your longevity & to show that y’all made it though?

Day 26: Yeah man, that’s all a blessing. We’re really 5 talented guys & it’s a blessing to BE on stage with each other every show. We went through problems, but we went through problems that a family would go through, not as enemys would go through. With any relationship, whether it’s with your girl, your brothers, family…who
evet, if everything is always peaches & creme, you never really know what you can go through. Us going through that made us know that we can at least get though something, BEcause up until that point we had never BEen through anything. We’d always just BEen cool, on the road, we’re singing, happy go lucky, but at the end of the day, problems do come. We’re together more than we’re with our families. We’re together 24/7 from touring & radio promotions, so we’re gonna bump heads; we’re gonna have problems, but it’s how you resolve the problems, & we guess we’ve learned how to solve the problems…so we’re good now.

BE Mag: You know I have to ask…personally, how’s it BEen working with Diddy? How’s the journey on Bad Boy BEen?

Day 26: At first man, you don’t really know if he’s even paying attention, cuz he works so hard. The man got millions but you know he work like he broke. He work harder than the average dude trying to get put on. So again you never really know if he’s paying attention, but with this album “Forever in a Day” we found out that he IS paying attention & we really got to prove ourselves. The 1st album he hand picked for us; he knew he had 5 singing guys, but he didn’t really know what he had. On this project though, we went in the studio writing, producing, we got the producers to work with us, so it was really our work. So when he saw what Day 26 could really bring to the table, that’s when he jumped on board; and now he’s like hands on like crazy & we can talk to him whenever we want to.

BE Mag:  Right, right. Like I said, I know the album is official & y’all prefer every song, but when y’all are BEhind the scenes, backstage, on the tour bus, etc. what’s the songs that takes Day 26 there? Which ones have y’all like “dand we did that!”?

Day 26: “Your Heels” man. “Your Heels” is like a party getting started man. “Imma Put It on Her”, “Your Heels”, “So Good”…man “Babymaker” we did out thing on this album, so we’re really excited about this album.

BE Mag: I’m not gon’ keep ya’ll too long, but I have to ask. Y’all sat right next to the ladies [Danity Kane] as they broke up, how did it feel to see y’all sisters go through that?

Day 26: Wow man! That’s still amazes us. We just feel bad & wish that never happened. we’re Danity Kane fans too, so we never wanted to see anything like this go down. We know that their not together right now, but we hope that it dawns [no pun intended] on them soon enough that they’re stronger together than without each other. We personally don’t feel like it’s too late. We’re putting in prayers just like everybody else, but right now it’s not looking good for them as a group, but we just hope for the BEst.

BE Mag: Well we appreciate y’all fellas & definitely will continue to BIG up the project! If y’all have another minute or two, we’ll take a break for some headlines, but come back with something we call BE_Twinterview, where we’ll give a few of your Twitter fans the chance to get a few questions in.

Bad Boy recording group Day26 has made a blockbuster chart debut with their just-released second album, “FOREVER IN A DAY.” The album – which includes the hit single, “Imma Put It On Her (Feat. Yung Joc and Diddy)” – entered Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” chart at #1, while also landing at #2 on the comprehensive Billboard 200 with sales in excess of 113,000.

FOREVER IN A DAY” (Executive Producer: Sean “Diddy” Combs/ Co Executive Producer: Harve Pierre) – which follows the Making The Band 4 stars’ self-titled Billboard 200-topping 2008 debut – has also proven an online sensation, coming in at #5 on the week’s “Top Digital Albums” tally.  Further, the album is currently standing tall at #1 on iTunes’ “Top R&B/Soul Albums” sales ranking, having previously reached #3 on the overall iTunes “Top Albums” chart.

Day26 – Brian Andrews, Mike McCluney, Qwanell Mosley (a.k.a. “Que”), Robert Curry, and Willie Taylor – are currently celebrating the album’s phenomenal success with the “26 Days of Day26” promotional tour, a non-stop itinerary that sees the group performing and meeting fans across the country.  Among the highlights thus far have been appearances on BET’s Spring Bling Beach Towel Throwdown and 106 & Park (where “Imma Put It On Her” was named “New Joint of the Day”); a live chat on Diddy’s PTwitter TV, and a slew of national radio interviews.

On Tuesday, April 14th, Day26 visited Best Buy on New York’s Fifth Avenue for one of the retailer’s most successful in-store events to date.  The line stretched around the block as the R&B superstars signed countless copies of “FOREVER IN A DAY.” The in-store was hosted by legendary Power 105 DJ Ed Lover, who spun tracks and kept the fans fired-up to meet and greet the group.  

Having toured the world as part of last year’s “P. Diddy Presents The Making The Band 4 Tour,” Day26 is now getting set to embark on their next live itinerary, this time co-headlining a series of west coast dates alongside J. Holiday.  Full details can be found on Day26’s hugely popular MySpace page, located at

The five gifted performers that comprise Day26 were chosen by Diddy and MTV viewers around the world on 2007’s record-shattering Making The Band 4 “Season One” finale.  Last year saw “DAY26” enter the record books as the biggest-selling debut album from a male R&B group in the 17-year history of SoundScan.  The album – which includes the hit singles, “Got Me Going” and “Since You Been Gone” – exploded into the #1 spot on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 in its first week of release, while also topping Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop

Albums” chart. For up-to-the-minute information, please visit, and



@BE_Twinterview: Y’all have BEen going crazy on the Twitter man so we wanted to get a few fans in with some questions for y’all. Y’all are out 1st official BE_Twinterview. Let’s get it…

@Day 26: Yessir, we’re definitely some Twitter homies so let’s gon and get some in.

@David_DB: What are some of y’all musical inspirations?

@Day26: We all pretty much had some of the same influences like J.Moss, Jodeci, Boyz2Men, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. Greats like that, folks that made great music for their day & just great music period.

@David_DB: How was it recording “Perfectly Blind”?

@Day26: You know what, we were recording 3 different songs while we were recording that[“Perfectly Blind”], “Truth is a Lie”, and another song that didn’t make the album, so we were all in like 3 different rooms when we recorded, but when we heard that particular song, we were likeshocked & amazed with how beautiful the song came out & how deep and emotional the song was. It was like wow to us. We kept listening to the song over and over and over again. That song actually like did something to us after finishing it & hearing it.

@sandeesunshine: How are y’all adjusting to NOT having the cameras around now that the show is over?

@Day26: After a while, when the cameras were around it was like they weren’t there. It was kind of like the cameras disappeared after the 1st season. The 1st season we were all kind of camera conscious, but 2nd season we were like um, and now it’s like they weren’t even there. As far as adjusting, there’s really no adjustment. We were just BEing us on camera as you can see, and after the show we’re still just BEing us.

@GrandLadyAnn: How’s Que doing after the show (keep your head up)? How’s his relationship with Dawn (great I hope)?

@Day26: In Que’s defense (Brian jumps to the plate), this season they kind of depicted him as BEing crazy, but Que wasn’t wildin’ out just to BE wildin’ out. He was definitely going through some personal problems & you know people handle thinngs differently. Que was just going thorugh some things, & that was just his way of dealing with them. But Que is definitely NOT crazy, & he’s gotten through whtever personal things he was going through. Que’s a great person, doing good. He and Dawn are good…going strong. I love their relationship, their relationship is beautiful; I mean they are 2 people that are truly, truly, truly in love & I wish them nothing but the BEst. I mean their relationship is so beautiful to me, I think that everybody that’s in a relationship should have a relationship like theirs BEcause if they have differences they don’t waste time arguing, they sit down and talk about it like adults, & I just love their relationship; I just love Dawn & Que.

@BE_Twinterview: We definitely appreciate y’all fellas & wish y’all the BEst of success in the future.

@Day26: I just wanna give a shout out to Day 26 (laughing), all the my Bad Boy Entertainment, yo know, my publicist Ra-Fael, yo know my hair dresser (joking & laughing)

@BE_Twinterview: Go ‘head & get em in…your mama & ‘nem too huh?

@Day26: Right…all our folk!

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