Defining Trinidad James’ Style

Trinidad James seemed to pop out  of the hop hop woodwork from no where. His mega hit “All Gold Everything” laid the perfect platform for him to solidify his spot in the rap game, and added a dynamic spin to his brand, coining him as the new Mr. T in s sense. His golden movement has afforded him Gold Gang Records laBEl, and has set the tone for his very unique look.

So what is it about Trinidad James that keeps him so fresh? We sat down with the leader of the Gold Gang to get the scoop on his style & why he’s highly regarded in the fashion world.

Studio Session-317-EditBE Mag: You’re somebody that’s kind of coined fashion, when it comes to hip hop. Talk to me about your style.

Trinidad James: It’s kind of free. It doesn’t have any perimeters on it. It’s kind of like, wear what you feel comfortable in.

BE Mag: Your single “All Gold Everything” hit the scene really hard. How did you come up with the concept to BE looked at as the Golden Child of hip hop?

Trinidad James: I wasn’t looking to BE coined by that phrase, but what people call you is what they choose to call you. For me, I just like doing music honestly.

BE Mag: What’s the BEst thing about BEing Trinidad James?

Trinidad James: You’re able to BE yourself. Pretty much, I’m nothing like you. I’m different, I’m just me.

BE Mag: What’s BEen one of the BEst moments in your career?

Trinidad James: Just BEing able to take care of my mom; for her to BE comfortable is a pretty amazing thing.

BE Mag: You recently did a tour overseas; how were you received over there?

Trinidad James: It was great. They showed a lot of love. I definitely feel like when the time is right, I can go back over there and do another tour. It’s just a wonderful feeling to just BE on the other side of the world & still BE able to do what you love doing over here in America.

BE Magazine: If we had a secret door right here, & we walked into your closet, what’s some of the things we’d see?

Trinidad James: Just a lot of shoes.

BE Mag: What’s some of your favorite pair of kicks?

Trinidad James: Ummm, it varies. I got a little bit of everything, so it just varies for me. I just like my collection. I’m not really detailed into picking favorite ones, but every shoe that I own is a shoe that I really want to have. My collection in general is just really good to me.

Along with keeping it fresh, Trinidad is still working on the music side of his artistry. His two mixtapes 10PC Mild & 10PM Wild are out & available for download via his website TRINDADJAMESGG.COM. To keep up with Trinidad & his unique style follow him on Twitter/IG @TrinidadJamesGG.

Let’s take a look at the song that had everybody sweatin’ (whoo) & put Trinidad James on the map

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[Photographer: Darius Marshall | Stylist: Renaldo Nehemiah]

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