Derty Den – N.C. Takeover…

BEing from a small spot like North Carolina has it’s obevious difficulties when it comes to creating a lane for infultrating the industry, and when trying to build an empire. Derty Den make is look easy! Check out N.C.’s most prominient mover and shaker/emcee Derty Den. He’s an artist that will soon BE in the mouths, and on the radios & televisions of many a fan. BE Magazine will BE bringing you the EXCLUSIVES on Derty Den as he puts the Carolina movement on his back & prepares to take charge of the game. While the people of the Carolina’s appreciate the shirt-swangin’ movement Petey Pablo and Timberland introduced the game to, the Hip-hop waters are ready for a new southern splash and GDA head honcho, Derty Den, plans to go in cannonball style.

Towering at an enormous 6′ 3” and 320lbs, Derty Den a.k.a. Big Gates was born and proud to be raised in a small town in North Carolina built on rampant drugs, alcohol, and violence. However, after studying other artists to be a great Master of Ceremonies, and wanting to reflect on the “good” in the hood instead of the constant negatives, Den aims to create a sound that needs to be heard at loud volumes only. “I want to show [that] the South is more than [just] screaming, yelling, and stereotypes.”

With today’s globally lukewarm music climate, the task does seem like bit of a stretch but if anybody is capable of grabbing the people’s attention, it would have to be Derty Den. At times, his swagger, energy, and flow can be reminiscent of the late, great Biggie Smalls, as he too is comfortable with size and confident in his abilities. His true-to-life, story-telling style of rap has earned him Best Southern Artist credentials at the Underground Music Awards and continuous coverage in major music publications such as The Source, Ozone, and the largest Hip-hop magazine in France, Rap U.S. His latest street-single “Poppin,” is steadily gaining momentum on the Southern home-front, as that track coupled with the instant smash, “Heatwave,” was all Don Cannon (Apphiliates) needed to hear before agreeing to do his mixtape. “To have a DJ as strong as Cannon support me is tremendous to say the least,” he happily explains with a hint of gratitude.

Although he vows to “do for the Carolina’s and Virginia” what Eminem did for the market in Detroit or what NWA did for the West Coast, he knows the road to success may be a bumpy ride all the way through. Musically he is ready for the journey however and plans to put the Carolina’s back on the map even if he has to take the drive alone Here are a few of Derty Den’s noted accomplishments…and the list continues to grow by th day!


*- April 26, 09- Opens for Gucci Mane, club 4030 Raliegh, Nc.

*- April 26, 09- Performs Roxbury Drag strip, 8k plus in attendence.

*- April 19, 09- Den wins “Best Lyricist” at the NCUMA (North Carolina Underground Music Awards).

*- April 6, 09- Den signs agreement to host his own radio show on 92 Jamz Fm.

*- April 6, 09- “Fly Shit” featured on and, JayZ states, “The record is fire”.

*- April 3, 09- Derty Den, “Heater of the Day” for record “Fly Shit” featuring Gorilla Zoe (BadBoy records). Does 5000 plays first day.

*- March 22, 09- Derty Den video interview on MTV Mixtape Mondays for his Independent work in the Carolinas. “Heatwave” is previewed on MTV, Mixtape Mondays.

*- March 22, 09- “Poppin” ganrners 28 MediaBase/ 4 BDS spins. Stations in NC, GA, SC are currently spinning the record, rotation on two stations.

*- March, 09- “Heatwave” rereleased to much fanfare. Don Cannon is still the host.

*- March, 09- Interview on, along w/ heavy hitters B.O.B and Mickey Factz,

*- Feb 7, 09- Den opens for Jadakiss on opening leg of JadaKiss/ Def Jam Promotional tour in Charolette, NC.

*- Jan 09- Receives product sponsorship from Flud Watch,

*- Jan 09- BBHMB, previewed on AHH Audio page and collects 8,000 plays. More than most notable MCs.

*- Jan 09- BBHMB, previewed on, one of the largest sites on the net. Does 3000 plays first day.

*- Jan 09,- Derty Den video, Bitch Betta Have my Bread featured on WSHH, collects over 170,000 views to date.

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