DeShawn Snow

What do you get when you mix candid controversy with a good spirited, kind hearted person? You get former reality TV star DeShawn Snow. DeShawn’s probably most noted from her stint on Bravo’s hit series “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. While the show was obviously a huge hit inside the homes of millions of viewers, not every cast member seemed to have the same likings, or should I say dis-likings.


Anyone who’s followed the growing pattern of reality television knows that the root of good ratings is controversy, but what happens when one character fails to join in on the shameless bickering, constant battles, and plight to be the baddest “B” on the show? DeShawn is living in that very realm right now after receiving the news that she would not be asked to join season 2 of the show. Some might sit and ponder on their next move, but the game of chess is a thought provoking game, and we all know the stakes that the queen goes through to end up on top; DeShawn Snow is that very queen.


Through the show, Americans got a firsthand look at the beautiful character traits DeShawn posses, so it’s not even a question as to how she could carry a “keep it moving” attitude in preparation to take her abilities and her charitable nature to higher heights in 2009.

 DeShawn and I got the opportunity to sit down during one of the most hectic, but worth it experiences of both of our lives, Barack Obama’s Inauguration, to catch up on her life post Real Housewives. I’m sure you’ll BE equally amazed at all that’s happened since the show & above all, you’ll BE proud of DeShawn’s giving capacities! She’s going full force with her love of youth through her foundations which are growing more and more each day

Check out our exlcusive interview with DeShawn in Washington D.C. as we both prepared for the inauguration of our 1st African American President, Barack Obama.


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