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It was at South Carolina State University where I first met designers De’shun Kilgore and Curtis Kinsel. The two of whom were always well dressed and motivated young men. De’shun and I participated in various on campus activities and shared mutual friends. Then came graduation and we went our separate ways. Neither of us expected our paths would cross after leaving the university. But God has a way of bringing people and things together. That’s why I am overly excited to share this full circle moment.

Upon discovering that De’shun and Curtis were now designers, I definitely wanted to learn more. I wanted to find out where the ideas came from and how did they finally decided to make their marks in the ever changing world of fashion. The team told me that they sat down with a long list of business idea and decided they both liked the idea of a clothing line. The line affords them the opportunity of maximizing creativity. De’shun and Curtis are the visionaries behind the clothing line, De’tis Kinore, started in 2003.

An urban-chic clothing line for men and women that is full of exciting colors and amazing geometric patterns. The team brings a different point of view to an already saturated industry. They have taken the plain polo and turned it up a notch. Many of our guys today love to wear a blazer with a designer jean, which in my opinion, is a “good look.” Well at De’tis Kinore, the lapels of plain blazers are trimmed in plaid and tailored to fit. This gives the regular guy a totally different look. I love that the average shopper will be able to wear the clothing and be comfortable but also look amazing. It’s always nice to see men dressed well and not trying to emulate the street thugs that walk around sagging pants, just to try and look HARD. I’ve got news, it’s not a good look. Leave it for the Personalities & Moguls that don’t have to interview or impress the next business professional….

BeMag: How did you come up with the name De’tis Kinore?
DK: The name comes from the combination of our 1st and last names. The (De’) from De’shun and the (tis) from Curtis makes De’tis. The (Kin) from Kinsel and the (ore) from Kilgore makes Kinore. The 1718 is our line numbers put together from when we pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Be Mag: Tell us about the specific inspirations behind your art work?
DK: There’s no real complex explanation behind our inspiration. We both are very creative and it just comes natural. A design might just come to us through a dream. Our whole motto is put a twist on basic. Sometimes a design is missing something small to make it a hot design.

Be Mag: What influences do you feel are missing from menswear?
DK: Creativity! It seems everyone copies everyone. If one designer comes out with a hot idea then you will find a number of other designer follow him instead being creative and try to make their own mark.

Be Mag: When you design your clothing, are there any celebrities that you invision wearing your clothing?
DK: We definitely see celebs like Kanye, Jay-z, Common, Fonzworth Bentley, T.I. etc. wearing our clothes.

Be Mag: Do most of your clients already have a keen sense of style?
DK: We would hope so, because our designs definitely make you stand out from the crowd, so if you have on a De’tis design the rest of your outfit better be tight.

Be Mag: What are you plans for your line and are you working to launch you own boutique or department store placement?
DK: We definitely want our own boutique, and that’s what we are working on right now. The plans for our Line is to one day be mention in the same breath with Ralph Lauren, Sean John, and the other upscale clothing lines.

Be Mag: So, I know that we both attended SCSU and I don’t remember you taking any sewing classes. So, who does the design and tailoring to De’tis Kinore?
DK: I do the sewing. I took a sewing class for like 2 weeks. I picked up on it and just got better over time.

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