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Kesh G. Monroe is the brand and boutique owner of Diamond Wayz and Diamond Wayz Accessories located in Castleberry Hill – Atlanta, GA. It is here at the boutique that Kesh specializes in wardrobe and costume design.


BE-Style: With Atlanta being a saturated city, full of aspiring talent, what sets you apart or gives you an advantage as a full service wardrobe consultant and costume designer?

KM: What sets me apart from many of the “stylist” in Atlanta is the fact that I actually studied costume design and received my degree from Clark Atlanta University back in 2004. Being that I grew up on the Westside of LA and having the exposure to a lot of the Hollywood personalities, I have years of affiliation with apparel, cosmetic, and accessory designers. However, my area of expertise allows me to represent a brand and sets a bit above the saturation by providing image management.


BE-Style: When did you establish Diamond Wayz?

KM: I have owned Diamond Wayz for nine years and we have been located in our “Loftique” for the last 3 years in the newly rejuvenated area of Castleberry Hills.


BE-Style: What are some really big trends you’re noticing for this summer?

KM: I’ve noticed lots of mixed patterns, asymmetric and draped fabrics. We are also really heavy presence of trendy eyewear. I am noticing that many people are stepping outside of the box by mixing styles from the 50’s with modern trends, wearing customized accessories, garments with spikes, grommets, and chains or embellishments. Another trend that you will see is a custom necklace and earring linked chain for women available at Diamond Wayz LA. Everyday women are definitely upgrading the street chic image.


BE-Style: What can we expect to see in the near future from you and your brand?

KM: In the very near future, we are launching Grind Queen Lifestyle Entertainment with having “pamper me” Queen Event on June 11th at the store. GQL Entertainment’s mission is to provide image management and artist development to growing number artists and entertainers in Atlanta. In the fall, we will be focusing on our billboard advertisement with plans of having over 60 billboards throughout the metro. And with the turn of the New Year, we are looking to expand of presence to my hometown of Los Angeles, CA.


BE-Style: Any final thoughts for our readers?

KM: I would like for everyone to aspire for greatness. In being an entrepreneur, I love make sure that I not only provide amazing services to my clients but also influence the lives of those to come next in the industry. I take on the responsibility to offer internships, mentoring, participating in charities and speak engagements so that I may positively impact the lives of others. I feel that that this will stop with the saturation and “copy cat” in one area and give broader ideas of skill and create new leaders.

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