Diamond: Hip-Hop's Best Friend

Diamond has evolved beautifully

In science class we learned that a diamond’s evolution takes thousands of years. It begins with a living organism that dies in a natural environment. Over time forces of nature – pressure, heat, and time – act upon the organism. Soon it emerges as coal. Left over more time, the coal can be mined and cut to find a diamond inside.

There is POWER in a name.

Brittany Nicole Carpenter endured a similar evolution. As Diamond, she came onto the scene along with Killa C, Cyco Blac, Princess, Jock aka M.I.G., and Lil Jay – better known as rap group Crime Mob. In the summer of 2004, their single “Knuck If You Buck,” found success on urban radio. Their self-titled debut hit the shelves in August the same year and went to #5 on Billboard‘s R&B/Hip-Hop album charts. Notable also was the release of their 2nd single, “Stillettos (Pumps)” featuring only female members Diamond and Princess.

In late 2006, Crime Mob prepped for their new album by dropping the single “Rock Yo Hips.” As they prepared their follow up to their debut, rumors of personal problems within the group began to emerge. The biggest being Diamond and Princess breaking off from the guys in Crime Mob to form their own group. Then in November 2007, just a few months after dropping their new album Hated On Mostly, Diamond officially left the group to pursue a solo career. After the release of two mixtapes, Bitch Muzik! and Bitch Muzik Vol 2, Diamond is ready to emerge from her past to shine on her own.

BE Magazine sat down with Diamond to discuss her evolution. And with the lack of any dominant female present day hip-hop, she may easily become more than just a  girl’s best friend.

“I want to make sure Atlanta is well represented,” says Diamond. “I just finished my album and my 3rd mixtape with DJ Holiday and my homegirl Lady J. I got this bitch movement going. My friend is a chick she’s and engineer and we’re constantly in the studio cooking up stuff.” Diamond sounds confident in her direction. “The name of my mixtape is PMS or Pardon My Swag and my album is scheduled to drop in August.”

Diamond is heavily promoting her 1st single from the album – a collaboration with Cee-Lo [Green] (Goodie Mob, Gnarls Barkley) entitled “Superbad (McLovin).” I always wanted to work with Cee-Lo. I love the track and even though the track is pop, I just wanted to come hard, yet give the people party music. I wanted to come right and my brother Chu – shouts out to Chu! He sat down and helped me. We collaborated and wrote a fun song for the ladies. I thought the McLovin (a reference from the actual movie Superbad) shout out was so hot!” Her debut album collaborations read like a who’s who of hot ATL music – Lloyd, Drumma Boy, UGK, (Lil) Scrappy, Keri Hilson, Bangladesh. “Let me stop telling you my whole roster,” she laughs. “I put my heart and soul into this project and I really feel like it’s gonna go somewhere.” All this as Diamond prepares to usher in her 21st birthday on May 20th! “You can catch me on Twitter @DiamondAtl. It’s definintely going down for the ladies!”

Diamond is poised and ready

With the lack of female representation in popular hip-hop music, many have come and gone. And we asked Diamond if she was really ready to hold it down for the ladies. “Yes, I’m so ready. At first, everything happened so wierd. I had to have time to get myself together and accept what happened [in the past]. But I gotta eat, my family has to eat. So I am doing it.” When we asked her to explain about her time with Crime Mob, she seems at peace now with her experiences with the group. “We had our differences. They decided to come together and vote against me – they didn’t want me in the group anymore.” She goes on, “technically, I am still in the group on paperwork. At one point, Princess and I were supposed to be doing a project together. I didn’t agree with the business part of it. I wanted to stick to the Crime Mob thing. But I don’t know what happened. There was a lot of he-said, she-said. They kicked me out of the group, Warner Brothers (Records) picked me up solo. And here I am.”

She’s confident that her music will reflect her growth. “I have no problem talking about it. I don’t want my fans to have to choose between Diamond and Crime Mob. I am not speaking on stuff in a way to give it an energy, but I want you to see what I’ve been through. People never got a chance to hear things from my perspective.”

Inspiration? “I listen to Dre (3000), Kanye, T-Pain, Jamie Foxx, Eminem, Asher Roth, Rick Ross.” As far as a future dream collaboration, “I feel like I can adapt to any situation, I want to have a song with everybody that’s somebody. From Beyonce to Lil Kim.”

For more on Diamond and what she’s up to, check out her Myspace at myspace.com/MISSDIAMONDATL


****UPDATE 6/12 – Check out DIAMONDS NEW BLOG HERE****



CRIME MOB’s 1st single, “Knuck If You Buck” 


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