Dillon Saks (aka Dolla Boy)- “Steppin’ Out Da Playaz Circle”


BE MAGAZINE Recently got a chance to talk with rapper Dillon Saks (aka Dolla Boy) about his success with 2chainz and Playaz Circle, his new mixtape “2kHustla” , how he feels about going solo.

BE MAG: Now you are kind of new to the game but not exactly you have actually been in the rap game since 1997. Can you tell our readers about your background and how you came into the spot you are at today?

Dillon Saks: I mean pretty much we was some young dudes getting into the game along with some older guys we knew. We formed a group called Playaz Circle it was alot of MC’s. It was me and of course 2 chainz and then the other guys ,but then during that time a situation happened and  i had went away and did some time in prison and 2 chainz ended up working with DTP and Ludacris but when i cam out we decided to really get together and do this Playaz Circle thing and put it where it was suppose to be at you know. We ran through a few deals with Universal and Def Jam and we ended up with the Duffle Bag boy situation and Dillon Saks in under that. As well as a host of other artist! ONLY IN AMERICA! LOL

BE MAG: Well speaking of Duffle Bag Boy. That was like one of the biggest singles out man. I mean you couldn’t go into any clubs and not hear it. How was the success of that for you?

Dillon Saks: It was a blessing. I mean being that  we was in the game so long and where we came from. We knew where we wanted to go. We experience a struggle just like a lot of other artist. Wee went from being in the hood one day, to 106 (BET 106 n Park) the next day. So we were definitely blessed man.

BE MAG: Now you are stepping out on your own. How is that different from being in a group?

Dillon Saks: Yes most definitely is different! Solo you get to show your creative side as far as how you present your project and how you do your songs you know.  Um, its a difference in the sound itself as oppose to the playaz circle sound. You gotta work hard though as with anything.

BE MAG: Your mixtape is called 2kHustla. Can you give us the story behind that.?

Dillon Saks:I mean its a idea that “the game  has changed alot from when we first got into it”. I mean from the music to the street aspect and also the business aspect and 2khustla is showing that new millenium hustla how to get it all around from everywhere in this new era.

BE MAG: Cool, now some will say with mixtapes ” How you giving away so much free music?”  But do you look at it like that?

Dillon Saks:I mean you pretty much have to feed your fans! You know if you don’t they gonna go somewhere else and get it. And you don’t wanna always wait for a label to push something and its on a timeline. Like i said you gotta work hard. Record 4 to 5 songs a week you know that alot of songs but we got the music to do it so keep that grind going.

BE MAG: Alright man so you changed up your name a bit. If someone walking down the street and saw you can they still call you Dolla Boy? or are you strickly Dillon Saks? *LOL

Dillon Saks:HA HA! I mean I’m always Dolla!  Dillon is like an alter-ego. Dolla was pretty much a character laid back and cool you know more-so Dillon is up in ya face type of guy.

BE MAG: Ok so talk to us about how you write and your process…

Dillon Saks: I don’t Write! lol that was for back in the 90’s .

BE MAG: Oh Ok! *chuckles so tell us then how the thought process goes when creating raps. Cause folks always think of its easy to put words together and make it rhyme, but I’m sure its more to it than that right?

Dillon Saks:  It s alot of strain to your brain to remember the rhymes and its definitly a thought process behind it.  But When you train yourself to do a certain thing and you get it like riding a bike it becomes easy you know!

BE MAG: Ok with your success so how is going back into your old neighborhood and hang out spots? Is it different or always love shown?

Dillon Saks:Its always Love and support from the Hood!!!  We are here because of the hood so its always love man we recongnize that. We always wanna go back to the hood and its always a welcome for us there. Our studio is in the hood.

BE MAG: So what sets you apart from other rappers out here?

Dillon Saks: I mean lyrics pretty much and  my wordplay. I don’t think im like any other artist out here the way i do my rhymes and wordplay you know. Swag whatever you wanna call it! *laughs

BE MAG: Who are some of your influences? Who do you listen to?

Dillon Saks:I always listen to all forms of Hip Hop man . I’m into the  Raekwon, Biggie, 2Pac, the down south artists. I did a song called “Salute” you should check it out.  Where i’m shouting out all the MC’s who i listen to. It’s Hot !!

BE MAG: How you feel about social media? Does its have its good and bad?

Dillon Saks: Its a good thing as far as being an artist cause you can reach so many fans. Back in the days you know we didn’t have it, so it was more on the label. But i think its great for new artists.

BE MAG: If you wasn’t rapping, what would you be doing?

Dillon Saks:Something! Something with music. I’m always into music and stuff man.  From day one that’s what got me here.

BE MAG: What is probably one of the lessons you’ve learned and carried with you going through your career?

Dillon Saks: Consistency and patience! In order to deal with this industry you need both. Things are never gonna happen the way you think or when you want them to, so you need those things you know.

BE MAG: So what does the rest of 2012 hold for you? What can we expect?

Dillon Saks:I got a new single out called PayCation feat 2Chainz!! Need to check that out. Got my 2kHustla mixtape out , I got videos coming, go to www.dufflebagboys.com to check on that. Uh, www.dillonsaks.com. On twiiter too! @dolla_boy_. I wanna change my twitter though I think its too difficult. Somebody already got dollaboy so I had to tweek it. I mean I’m here man some wrote us off as just “duffle bag boy” but we wanna let fans know we here to stay.

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