DJ B-EZ – The People's Champ

DJ B-EZ turns swag on!At the time, I didn’t even know.

Many moons ago, BE Mag Editor-In-Chief J.Write and I had recently met and became close with a family of focused entrepreneurs led by Santrell “Suga” Stewart and Aisha “Plat” Jones originally of New Orleans, Louisiana – now residing in Atlanta. As we grew closer, they were invited to participate in our undertakings and vice versa as we have similar goals and aspirations.

Who knew he would now be much sought after – even by the likes of Keyshia Cole‘s team.

One day, I was at my house mixing songs – doing my usual “on the 1s and 2s,” when Suga’s son, Brian come up to me and asked how I do what I did. Not wanting to make the task sound daunting, I simply offered him my earphones and told him “here” as I motioned for him to step into the “cockpit” for himself and try. How else will you know what you’re capable of? So, Brian simply comes around and stands with me. After I show him the basics of volume control and song selection (only from a functional standpoint, because Brian’s “ear” for song selection and musical taste will make him a wealthy man) he was off and running. Brian already was an entrepreneur having established Crumbsnatchers Productions with the help and guidance of his Suga and Plat. After getting to know him, it is clear that he understands that even in a timid business climate and a downright scared music industry that with effort and a willingness to take that first step you can get far in life.

Behind every good man…well, you know the rest. Inspired by his step-mom, he learned about music and decided he wanted to pursue music production. As with most producers, the art of DJing usually comes calling and prepares the producers “I always wanted to be in the music business. At first, I wanted to be a rapper, then a producer, then a DJ.”


Currently B-EZ helms the “Pull Ya Pants Up” Tour, who endeavor to educate and inspire our youth. “It feels good to know that I am young. I am 12 and people think I can’t do it at first. I honestly can’t compare myself to other DJs, but they say I’m SUPERBAD!”

The best part about DJing, “is when you play a song that everybody on the dancefloor likes and they’re like ‘yeah!’ Your heart races.”

If he could receive “that phone call” from any business or artist, he is very succinct.  “Really, I wanna be with Disney. But Gym Class Heroes or Lil Wayne called I would jump,” He laughs. “Because they are kind of like what I represent with rock and rap and R&B.”

His advice to others is to simply, “follow your dreams and do can do whatever you want to.”

What’s currently cooking in the young mogul’s pot? “I am coming out with a YouTube comedy show next week.” [The BE Team will provide more info on this as it becomes available.]

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