DJ Kid Capri Hosts I am King Reeves Birthday celebration


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On Sunday October 27,2013 Atlanta joined forces with the notable Quente’Sential Branding and Suite Lounge to present “I Am King Reeves: Birthday Celebration for a Cause”, an event that celebrated the birthday of G.Q. “King” Reeves and launched his new non-profit organization: Coaching To Success

The event was hosted by G.Q. Reeves’ father, the legendary DJ Kid Capri. The event was filled with an amazing speech from guest speaker and red carpet host Chris Macken (of Christopher Macken Concepts). Chris shared his story of stardom which was followed by a heartfelt speech from the man of the hour, G.Q. Reeves. G.Q. shared his experiences and talked about his own adversities he faced while growing up. The evening was dedicated to his Mom, one of his biggest supporters, who died of breast cancer a few years earlier. Reeves was sung a special happy birthday song by the next R&B super group, Vincent Clark.

Special guests of the evening included Bo Talley and Fred Williams (Head Coach of ATL Dream), Reigndrop Lopes, Brian and Dominique Scott (TLC’s “The Sisterhood”), DJ Kid Capri, Chris Macken,A Money of A money Entertainment, Singer/Songwriter Vince Ashton , Carlysia Levert , Singer/Songwriter Romiah Armstrong, Celebrity Barber Will Da Barber , Grammy Award Nominated Engineer DVante Black, performances by Akeem, and many more!

This event could not have BEen possible without the support of the amazing people and organizations that were apart of it. Quente’Sential Branding, Sweet As Hunni Designs, Suite Lounge, BE Magazine , JaXons Pastries, BEautiful Amore Skincare, Color Me Blind Designs & Miss Jessie’s. Proceeds from the evening went to BEnefit the Sigma Beta club, Coaching to Success, and Hip Hop 4 Cancer.

More about Coaching to Success: Coaching to Success was created to help prepare young men and women, age 17 to 23, with the acquired skills needed to BEtter help them plan for a successful career .Coaching to Success covers all aspects of a successful career including written and oral communication skills, wardrobe, posture, self-esteem, establishing goals and more. Visit the event Facebook page at:

More about GQ Reeves: “G.Q.” Reeves’ vision for Coaching to Success stemmed from his own adversities that he faced while growing up. Like most children, Reeves was forced to develop his own study tools after educators expressed lack of BElief in his achievement. After earning degrees in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grade Education and Juvenile Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Family Counseling, Reeves wanted to stress the importance of education despite his many adversities. Mr. Reeves is also a successful writer for a major record label, as well as an underground artist. As a New York native, Reeves has been a part of hit shows for both B.E.T. and N.B.C networks, but most importantly Reeves has an extensive background in community service and youth development. More can be found on G.Q. at the following webpage:

For more information on “G.Q.” Reeves, Coaching to Success, any of our sponsors and media inquiries please contact:

Que Jackson,

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Photo Credit : Mu Legend – and Ashley Rich of A-Rich Photography

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