DJ Trauma Covers BE Magazine’s International Issue

DJ Trauma may BE comfortably based in Atlanta, Georgia, but he’s one of the most internationally known and respected DJs today! Whether he’s on the 1’s and 2’s at an event or jetsetting with artists like Anoop Desai (American Idol), DJ Trauma is set to tell the BE Entertained Magazine readers why he really matters & how you can step your passport game up too.

Along with DJ Trauma, BE Magazine’s International Issue XXXI also include features on Chicago bred rapper Strings, Islander Verse Simmonds, world renowned fashion guru & music newBE Fonzworth BEntley, international inspirational artist Lisa McClendon & much more! We also have an EXCLUSIVE sit down with Pastor Olu Brown of Impact Church about how important his international digital ministry is & how he’s doing church differently!

The International Issue will BE flying in & landing on the world wide web on May 24th.

Photos by: Styleyes Photography | Clothes provided by: Ken Barber Signature – Atlanta, GA | Styled by: Reno Valentine



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