DJ Unk – Stop Sleepin in the 2econd Season back to the days when you hit the club and the first thing you saw was everybody on their tippy toes rocking from side to side. You already know who takes credit for that sensation, Big Oomp Camp all star hit maker DJ Unk. He infamously still has the club “walking it out” and “2 stepping” at every given opportunity. Well, Unk is back on the scene with his new project appropriately titled 2econd Season, and is ready to further prove that he isn’t the one planning to “walk it out” of the spotlight anytime soon.

Along with being one of the coolest dudes, DJ Unk has proven himself to be one of those artists that you just have to rock because every time you hear him you can’t help but admit he’s ill wit’ it. That’s not even speaking on his own material; I’m referring to the joints that Unk rocks for other artists. You can always bet for sure that Unk is going to blaze a hot 16 on just about any track he jumps on. With all that said, Unk is also one of those artists that are commonly slept on and sometimes ridiculed. Unk too has been plagued by what some may call “southern bubble gum rap”, keeping up with the likes of fellow A-Town artists D4L, Shawty Lo, Dem Franchise Boyz, and others. With all od DJ Unk’s success, the number 1 hits, the ringtone sales, it’s evident that critics have clearly missed the mark with the “bubble gum” theory, unless “bubble gum” is slang for party track.

Hate him or love him, DJ Unk is back and ready to take Big Oomp and Koch Records to a whole new level. When putting together this issue and considering the most slept on artists in the game right now, DJ Unk instantly became the perfect fit, so you know BE Magazine had to sit down with Unk to chop it up about life after “Walk it Out”, his new project 2econd Season, hitting the road on promo tours, and about what’s up next for him and his camp.

BE Magazine: A lot’s happened since your last album; you’ve been on the road, dropped another one. Go ahead and let us know what’s been going on

DJ Unk: Yeah man, we just been on the road doing this promo tour for 2econd Season, you know I got the new single that we working, and we about to get into a whole new year. We really kind of stuck trying to pick the second single; we’re in between “Where My Ladies At” and a song called “She Freaky” featuring Ray J. So we working on that and it’s going down!

BE Magazine: You know we were in stores getting a couple of copies of 2econd Season the day it dropped, and man I gotta tell you, “She Freaky” is a banger!

DJ Unk: Man that’s wussup; we ‘bout to get into it then. That might be the one.

BE Magazine: So you got the single “Show Out” right now, which is crazy everywhere, in the club and worldwide-just like “Walk it Out” was, and you just sent us over the remix featuring everybody. How’d y’all work that out?

DJ Unk: Man, we just had to make some phone calls man. We over at Koch Records making big moves man. And you know Shawn Kingston is another artist with us, and he stays doing his thing overseas and in the Caribbean, so you know we had to reach out to these people. We went and got Shawn Kingston, Jim Jones, E40 from the Bay Area, and we went and got my dog Soulja Boy.

Listen to “Show Out Remix” featuring Unk’s All Star Cast…

BE Magazine: So when it comes to your sophomore album, how does it feel in transition from the 1st joint to the second?

DJ Unk: It feel real good man…you get to open up. I’m a real open person and now I get to go city to city and show people who I am.

BE Magazine: So what’s different man? What’s new on this project that wasn’t on the last?

DJ Unk: It’s a new sound man, new flows. I got an all star cast along with me, like I said, I got Shawn Kingston, Project Pat, Three 6 Mafia, Ying Yang Twins, Blazed, Ray J, Princess from Crime Mob, the Oomp Camp and a few more people on there. It’s a little bit of everything on there; you know if you do it big the 1st time, you gotta do it even bigger the 2nd time around.

BE Magazine: We decided to do this issue on some of the most slept on artists, along with artists that are held back for various reasons. Your name was one of the 1st that came up when it came to slept on artists, partly because there wasn’t lots of promotion for this album. How did 1st weeks record sales affect the outlook and feel of the project?

DJ Unk: Man, to be honest, I wasn’t really concerned with record sales, or the 1st week. I’m more concerned with making music. I’m just glad that new things are being brought to the music game right now. You got the ringtones, and a whole lotta sh*t man that wasn’t out before. In a few years man, you may not even be able to buy albums. So I’m just blessed to be in the position that I’m in.

BE Magazine: We know you’re at least being recognized for all that you’re doing; we just saw you on Cribs. That was a good look, how was that for you?

DJ Unk: That was a real humbling experience for me. Shouts out to MTV and Koch Records for putting that together for me. It was real good, and I always sit and watch it, so to see my family and crew on there and to watch it with them was real cool.

BE Magazine: Everybody knows that you’re far from negative, but what do you have to say to those haters that just didn’t believe and that didn’t think you had it in you?

DJ Unk: You better get off that STUPID!!!!  (and then laughs like crazy)

BE Magazine: So what’s next for Unk. I know you hitting the streets hard promoting “Second Season”. But what else is coming up?

DJ Unk: Aw man, I’m about to shoot a video for every song that’s on the album. Hit them hard on youtube. We got new singles that about to drop. I got the single “In Your Face” which is also featured on the 2k9 basketball game; so if you have an X-Box or 360 go pick that up man. It’s a bunch of stuff fin the making, so we just working man!

BE Magazine: Well we appreciate you sitting with us and giving us the scoop. We definitely gon’ keep big upping you and wake these lames up so they no longer sleeping on the truth!

Make sure you get out there and support 2econd Season! If you want to holla at DJ Unk, visit: or call him at 404.665.3418. Tell him BE Magazine sent you!

Here’s Unk’s official video for his 1st single “Show Out“… it could BE YOU helping him pick the 2nd video!!!


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