DKNY | New York Fashion Week | FW 2016-17

“We just want to have fun”, creative directors, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne already announced in the collection’s accompanying press release and explained that they were inspired by the street style fashion of the 90s – especially by the sexy and self-confident girl bands of that time.Taken as a whole, the collection  presents itself in dark, combined with bright white and lush red, as it is typical for the 90s. With this urban uniforms, the models stroll around the early 90s’ New York: With red checked maxi coat and a white blouse, they amble past the shop windows, are on the way to a meeting, wearing a masculine and casual pinstripe suit, drape themselves in a shiny voluminous ensemble that has a casual hip hop style when going for a walk to the Central Park, and glam up for a club visit with a silky spaghetti strapped dress in flame red. Even when wearing these elegant outfits, bulky black ties are worn.

Just as Donna Karan did some day, the creative directors play with logos, such as with “Don’t Knock New York” or a sassy “Insert Logo Here”.

The models have a nude makeup, the hair is mostly lose and appears to be undone; beauties with dark skin have an Afro hairdo once in while.

What is for sure is that this retro collection was not only fun for Chow and Osborne; the audience loves this trip back to the 90s, too!

Photos: DKNY

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