Nicole Fields is no hidden secret to BE Magazine readers, nor to the digital world that sits BEhind computers for hours searching for the BEst of the BEst that the internet has to offer; which is how this R&B sensation was accidentally discovered via the popular video website YouTube.

Many people ask how an artist “accidentally” gets discovered, but when you look at the many factors that Dondria has BEhind her, including her amazing vocal capabilities and pleasantly inviting personality, it’s no wonder why a huge musical mogul like Jermaine Dupri would showcase a persistent dedication to seeking out this talent directly through the entities in which she used as a platform, MySpace and YouTube. “I got signed off of YouTube in ’07, but started putting videos up in ’06 just to get an unbiased opinion of my talent. I put videos that I liked up and put up songs that people were requesting and within a year, one of my videos reached a million views. People just started coming out from everywhere to collaborate with me, to write with me, and to sign me…one of those people was Jermaine Dupri…”

Through her quick buzz from YouTube, it was obvious that Dondria had the ability to really make it in the industry, but she almost missed this specific opportunity. “I’m glad he [Jermaine Dupri] was persistent because I played him to the left. I just really didn’t think it was him; I though somebody was playing with me and I did not want to get my feelings hurt, so I was like HA, boy boop…”

The world should BE equally pleased that Dondria and JD’s persistence was equally paralleled, or we may not BE blessed with the powerhouse movement that this So So Def Princess plans to bring. Equipped with all the right components, Dondria is gearing up for her debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat which is an ode to her real persona and her alter ego “Phatfffat” which is a name she earned while in college. “I am Phatfffat. Well…my freshman year in college I received that name. We went to CiCi’s, which is buffet pizza, and I always get my salad, get my pizza, get my dessert, and I gon’ about my business and do my thing. My roommate, that was the first time we had ever been out eating together, and she was like, you’re not gonna eat all  that.’ I’ve always been little, so but I was like, ‘girl yes I am.’ And she was like no you’re not, Imma call you Phatfffat. I just stuck with it. Then when I got on YouTube, I would always eat in my videos and it just…yeah,” she jokingly explains.

Dondria is passionately excited to introduce the rest of the world to both Dondria and Phatfffat on June 22nd through her album release. “The story BEhind the album title is, you know you have a lot of haters that think that Phatfffat will never BE anything other than Phatfffat and she’s just a YouTube star and that’s all she’ll ever BE. So Dondria vs. Phatfffat is basically saying you’re wrong. Dondria outside of Phatfffat is doing her own songs, she’s a little more professional and mature; you know like Dondria can do it and you’ll see that on the album.”

Dondria [and Phatfffat] have been very blessed to already had a huge following well BEfore she released her debut single, “You’re the One”, which is quickly climbing the charts on urban and Christian radio, along with BET’s popular daily video countdown on 106th & Park.

After first hearing Dondria’s single play on the radio, I was sure that she’d win over the opposite end of the audience that she captured via the internet. “You’re the One,” is a timeless R&B ballad that speaks to the music lover that simply appreciates good music. While the tune and hook are both obviously catchy, it’s Dondria’s melodic vocal control that send fans over the edge singing and humming every word as if we’re still only fortunate enough to get Dondria’s talent on our personal computers; which couldn’t BE any further from the truth.

Dondria is set to step outside of her computerized box and show the world the very thing that Atlanta music mogul JD saw in her. “Dondria vs. Phatfffat” premiers on June 22nd and features collaborations with Jermaine Dupri, Jonta Austin, and Bow Bow. Until June 22, fans can still get up close and personal with Dondria by following her on Twitter, MySpace, and FaceBook, or by listening to her murder the many joints she’s covered on YouTube, including her million + hit cover of Ciara’s “Promise”.

BE Entertained Magazine and MCKIDDTV got the opportunity to sit with So So Def’s newest princess Dondria to see what else she’s got going on, along with how she’s enjoying the fame of BEing signed to a major label.

memBEr’s only:
Check out video of Dondria hitting the stage in Atlanta over Freak Nik Weekend 2010. She’s more than just a computer video star…this girl can control a stage!!!! You BE the judge…

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