Donell Jones: The Only Thing that has Changed is the Age

“Although the time has changed and the music for some may have changed the role of DJs has remained the same”, says singer, songwriter, and record producer Donell Jones. Donell who is best known for his hits “U Know What’s Up”, “Where I Wanna Be” and his cover of Stevie Wonders, “Knocks Me off My Feet” is back and as the saying goes “BEtter Than Ever”.  In an industry where many artists are in steady competition for the top, and often find themselves turning into a commercial artist making commercial music Donell just finds his only competition to be himself. Therefore he just stays true to himself making music he loves and if one is touched he has done his job.

Many artists when off the scene come back with a new look, new sound, and are reaching out for a new audience but not Donell. BE Magazine was able to have a one on one with the talented Donell Jones and get some information on the new album, tour, and of course the roles of DJs in the Music Industry.

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BE Mag: So we know you have a New Album “Lyrics” and a New Single, “Love Like This” out right now, how’s it going so far?

Donell: Its going great. My single “Love Like This” is currently #3 on Urban AC Radio. BE Mag: Congrats Sir. Since you BEen gone what have you BEen doing?

Donell: I was on a hiatus. I Just stepped back and strategized planned my future. I had already had out a few albums and had a great fan base, so I just set back and made sure what I put out was quality and that’s about it.

BE Mag: I know you’ve been on the scene for a long time, since 1996 if I’m not mistaking and your now here with this new album and I want to ask over the years what has changed.

Donell: Well basically now I’m a better songwriter and producer. The only thing that has changed really is my age. My musical style is the same; I will never change that.

BE Mag: So as an artist how do you work the music industry or compete as a R&B Soul artist when you have artists who are changing their sounds every album. Artists who are making music that is popular or that “people today” seem to want to here.

Donell: I don’t compete. I feel my only competition is myself. I don’t try to compete with what everybody is doing because at the end of the day greats of yesteryears had their own sound. It wasn’t about competing with what was on the radio; it was about making what they loved. I’m a true artist so I make music that makes me feel good and if I can touch other people with it, I’ve done my job.

BE Mag: Cool, So with the New album should we BE looking out for a tour?

Donell: I’m definitely going to do a tour but right now we’re just doing a lot of shows and appearances around the country reconnecting with fans.

BE Mag: So since you have been in the industry so long and I know you know how things work out. What roles do DJs play in the music industry?

Donell: DJs play a major role in the industry. They are the people who get the buzz out there. If they like the track, they are going to spin it in the club or wherever they are spinning at and people will begin to ask who is that and that’s how the buzz get out there.

BE Mag: Do you think the role over the years has changed?

Donell: No, I feel its equal. Even in the beginning, if no one heard your record you couldn’t make it but at the same time it’s a lot of online ways people can get access to new music today but it’s still equal though.

BE Mag: That’s Hot. So is their anything that you want the people to be looking out for besides the New Album?

Donell Jones: Yes. Make sure you all lookout for my new artist Breeze and also if you want to check me out or talk to me personally make sure you hit me up on twitter ( and also on Facebook.

4 Replies to “Donell Jones: The Only Thing that has Changed is the Age”

  1. Nice interview! His album ‘Lyrics’ is absolutely beautiful. I love it! Donell you did it again!
    Definitely gon’ check you out when you come to Amsterdam, so come soon pls 😉

  2. Donell jones is probably my favorite male artist ,I just don’t understand why when everyone is giving him his props for his previous songs they always forget one of his best “you know that I love you” its been about 9years since this song but it is still my favorite song til this day

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