Nikera Clothing

1. I’ve noticed your fun use of color and 80’s pop-culture references, do you try to infuse that into your designs or is it because you embrace a favorite period?

It’s actually a little bit of both. As a designer, I love bright colors so I try to bring that out in all of my designs. I want my customers to feel great in what they are wearing from my collections. Being that I am a product of the 80’s, I do seem to infuse that period into much of my work. Hence the name Nikera (Niki’s era) is a way for me to create my own era of fashion. I do love the 50’s and 60’s the most because I think they showcase women’s bodies and shapes with still being classy. 


2. Do you think we will see more of the 80’s next year or are we drifting to other periods?

We have been rocking with the 80’s for a while now and I am ready for us to move on but I am still seeing a lot references to that period. I will be at Fashion Week this year and hope to see full skirts, fully covered & more classy styles, and references to the 50’s and 60’s


3. What are some popular chooses you see for kids going back to school? 

While shopping for my daughter as she got ready to go back to school, I still saw pretty much the same styles as we have been seeing over the past few months – skinny jeans, graphic tees, plaids, chambray shirts, micro-minis, etc. 


4. What do you think of the insanely short rompers and skimpy shorts available in our retailer for teen girls?

I really like rompers and cotton shorts for women. It all depends on how one accessorizes and makes sure to purchase items that are size appropriate and a tasteful length. 


5. How do you describe your design aesthetic?

When I sit at the table with my sketchbook, I am designing based on what I have not seen yet. I love to use color combinations that one wouldn’t normally see in stores. I would say that my designs are a little more edgy and fun.


6. What was your direction of inspiration for the shoot with The Beat Geeks?

We wanted to stick with the concept of the Geeks and the Diva; the Geeky guys in school that sees this pretty chic and wants to get her attention. When we arrived on set, the stylist, Jackie Banner did have a direction that she wanted to go with but it just started flowing and the organic work you see is the result of everyone contributing on set


7. Where can consumers find Nikera Clothing in their local retailers/boutiques?

Nikera is completely available online. We are transitioning from out last collection and will have new pieces to include full-line men, women, and accessories available as of October 1st

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