Dorian Missick- The Man BEhind TV, Movies, and Music

BE MAG: Can you share with our readers a little bit about your start in this industry?

Dorian: Started off as a child actor doing commercials. Afterwards My “Big” break came during my twenties when i did the movie “Two Weeks Notice” with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant . From there things came together and I’ve worked with so many talented Actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Zoe Saldana, Regina King (Southland), Jennifer Anniston, etc. I’ve been really grinding and working consistently fro the last 15 years man.

BE MAG: Any pressure working alongside such known and accomplished actors?

Dorian: Its great man. Not really alot of pressure,  I love working with heavy hitters and big names. They seem to  work the hardest to be honest. Its fun to watch and observe them and see how they play the game at that level and to see masters and veterans in they craft man. It makes you that much better and also makes you really step up and make sure your on that level right along with them.

BE MAG: So your current project your working is called ” Big Words” also starring YaYa DaCosta (America’s Next Top Model). Can you talk to us about your role in the movie?

Dorian: Yes it’s funny I’m actually going to the set today to work. My character is a rapper * chuckles, so I’m doing my raps today and been working on that. The movie takes place in Brooklyn New York on the day that Obama is elected President. It follows 3 guys, but it really centers around my character who is named John. It shows the impact the election had on America and the bigger impact it had on African Americans. It shows how it weighs down on the 3 guys and shows what they went through. It also shows how the guy John develops this liking for the character “Annie” played by YaYa and he finds out just how good this girl is for him. We have been friends for years and working with her has been so good she is a great person.

BE MAG: How do you balance being a newlywed and business demands?

Dorian: It’s not much of a struggle as people would imagine. I think the fact that my wife is also in the business helps alot. She is fully aware of the game and what comes along with it. We work it out though man, when one isn’t working we come to wherever the other is and spend that time with each other.

BE MAG: Who would you say is your biggest influence?

Dorian: Biggest influence was probably Richard Pryor. My family loves him. In fact i almost thought we were related to him as much as we watched him * LOL He was the uncle i never knew. We had pictures of him and we always quoted his lines man, it was crazy.  Then as i got older i really discovered a love and respect for people like Meryl Streep ,Dustin Hoffman, and Spike Lee as well.

BE MAG: Now your a devout christian, So do you find that there is a struggle doing certain roles and scenes? Have you ever turned down a role?

Dorian: Yeah I separate the two. God has given me a gift and talent to be this storyteller. You have stories that need to be heard and seen whether its a sinner or a saint you know. You really have to separate the actor from the character. Some will say “oh I can’t play a gay character role” or ” I can’t play a man who cheats on his wife” . I think its to each its own but i think our job as an actors to tell the stories and create that open dialogue and make it open to discussion.

BE MAG: Your a mentor to inner-city boys in Los Angeles? Can you share with us about that experience?

Dorian: Yes i am. I’m involved in a program that my partner from New York started called ” Boys 2 Men” and “Sisters of Boys 2 Men” . He moved out to LA about 12 years ago and started this program while there. He is a schoolteacher and he saw that all these young guys out here didn’t have that guidance and father figures in their lives and so they were doing wrong things and going down that path and so he wanted to reach out to them. He asked some friends of his including myself if we would help him out and spend some time talking and mentoring to these guys. One of the things I like to impress upon the young men is that, Hardwork is the answer to a lot of things and also accountability for your actions. So them seeing me and seeing how I worked hard to get things I wanted gives them that difference in what they are able to do and achieve you know. It makes them say hey he looks like me and if he can do it then why can’t I .

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