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At this point Atlanta, the mecca of the south, is definitely recognized and respected for producing some of the most influential old and new school MC’s from Outkast and T.I., to Travis Porter. This creates a perfect atmosphere for any new artist to produce a hot mixtape. Judicial, a hip-hop new comer, did just that! The lyrics in his new mixtape, Over the Top, paint a picture of a person influenced by the struggles, hunger, pleasures, and strengths of Generation-Y man. Like in Judicial’s track, “Time to Get Paid” {prod. Jon Onesmus) he gives listeners one of the reasons why so many dreamers deal with the harsh realities of the pursuit of stardom. His storytellers flow is matched with a beat built around a sample from Biggie Smalls’ “Juicy” and this adds that new school hip-hop swag. #DigginIt. Over the Top also features tracks such as “Never Change” and “Do It” {Both Prod. Sl Mistro}, which both give a different glimpse into the psych of a young man motivated by the omnipresent hip-hop “hustla’s mentality”. Ultimately, Judicial’s Over the Top mixtape has tracks that young, old, urban, or suburban can relate to. From R&B collaborations to club-bangers this makes Over the Top is #1toCoop and Judicial #one2watch. – words by Choc Scott

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