Dr. Miracle’s Brings the Remedy for Style to Atlanta with #RX4STYLE

Dr. Miracle’s is doing an amazing job rebranding themselves, and this weekend, their BEauty & style experts took to the ATL hosting a swanked out Style Lounge #RX4STYLE to kick off the Hip Hop Awards weekend.

If the cliché statement “Location is everything…” holds any truth, the good Doctor was dead on by hosting #RX4STYLE at Drexina Nelson’s Studio Loft. The ambiance just felt right as you walked in & graced the red carpet, BEfore BEing offered a complimentary Voscato cocktail. Guests then had their choice of goodies, from a mini-makeover (with hair & makeup services) for both guys and girls, getting characterized or graffiti’d by some pretty amazing youth, or of course hitting the famed fan favorite OMG booth. I even had to take a minute to get my ‘hawk retooled by barBEr Sam Sneed…most people know how funny I am about my cuts, but I was pleasantly surprised at how dope the cut was…the compliments haven’t stopped rolling in yet!

Along with the make overs & deliciously vibrant Voscato, the Doc also provided food to soak it all up. Can’t BEat that! Another big hit at #RX4STYLE was DJ Jay Marz, who kept the crowd boogying all day from his position in the sky loft. I kept hearing people say “where exactly is the DJ…he’s going off…”

Notable guests included Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob), Cynthia Bailey (RHOA), Charlie Baltimore, Gyant, Darci Daye, Dane Social, & Vina Mills.

[Photo Credit: Darius Marshall | IG: @iCapture_Souls]














Special thanks to Nikki Walker for always making everything right for the media she invites to her events…

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