The-Dream Presents Love King


Are you READY for The-Dream???

DJ Plan.B is here to give you a 1st look at The Love King’s new album!

Terius “The-Dream” Nash‘s final installment in his Love trilogy of albums, entitled Love King continues along the road that began with Love/Hate and followed with Love vs. Money. In fact, the three albums could be played one after the other and there would be a noticeable flow from one to the next. Only Kanye and T-Pain use transitions at this level of competence.

Nash, along with collaborators Christopher “Tricky” Stewart and Los Da Maestro have managed to create a sound that prior to their ascent was missing in the world of current R&B. One could surely argue that The-Dream’s collective sound is one possible evolution of the synth-heavy sound and clever lyricism first brought to the forefront by Prince and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Think if Prince still made the music he made 20 years ago but in 2010.

Certainly more at the forefront in today’s music scene is the overt sexuality and shit-talking as R&B and Hip-Hop have become harder to tell apart. The-Dream brings this reality to his music and the reward seems to be an ability to make music for women that men actually like. He speaks to the good and the bad of love and relationships. He can’t be pigeonholed as being too syrupy nor is he callous about his expressions. Even tracks that seem to be ripped from the 80s somehow don’t seem dated. His productions always seem to unfold as to create an aural orgasm for the listener. Edgy yet reminiscent of another era.

While fans of The-Dream have certainly enjoyed the ride through this trilogy, it will be interesting to see the direction The-Dream takes his sound after this album though. While fans don’t want their artists to stray too far from what brought them to the dance, Nash’s tried-and-true formula for hit songs may begin to wear on us and what seemed innovative can seem like a dead horse beaten to death (see: Janet Jackson).

Stand out tracks on Love King include the current singles, “Make Up Bag” featuring T.I., the title track (a remix featuring Ludacris is also prevalent), and official third single, “Turnt Out” which is reminiscent of, “Falsetto” from Love/Hate. While “Make Up Bag” comes off as clever, tracks like “Florida University (F-U)” seem like a reach and cliche. The Deluxe Edition contains 18 tracks – six more than the standard release. Reports of The-Dream “promising” to drop four singles off the album may prompt one to wonder which track will make the cut. The music on King plays better as a collective while his prior two releases had more single-worthy tracks. 

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Perhaps the most telling of the tracks, “Nikki Pt. 2” if one is to believe what has been said – that the “Nikki” tracks in the trilogy are directed at ex-wife and collaborator Nivea – speaks to the uncertainty of relationships and Nash’s personal attempts to strike a balance (In addition to having three children with Nash, Nivea is also the mother of one of Lil Wayne‘s sons, Neal). “You fuckin with, you fuckin with, you fuckin with my house. Me and my new girl was cool, but now I’m having doubts. And it’s all because of Nikki…” The-Dream married R&B starlet Christina Milian in late 2009 and they have one child together, born earlier this year. After being inseparable prior to the childbirth, the rumors of separation and divorce have ramped up with reports of Nash and Milian living in different cities and showing up to events in different entourages.

In spite of the rumors and drama that inevitably surround any artist, The-Dream has managed to keep it about the music. As long as his Billboard-chart to tabloid-headline ratio is kept in check, we can’t help but expect bigger and better things from him in the future. And with rumored 4th album Love/Affair slated for 2011 release, fans of Mr. Radio Killa may not have to wait too long.

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