Dwight's New York Fashion Week 'Tool Box'

Dwight Eubanks – the unofficial sixth housewife from The Real Housewives Atlanta, is a designer that would be considered as different from what the normal on a runways of New York’s Fashion Week. What I experienced the night of his Tool Box Collection fashion show at the M2 Ultra Lounge in Manhattan’s infamous Chelsea neighborhood. Tool Box Collection is what you would call a composite of underwear that may or may not be fitting to everyone’s tastes. For the most part, the pieces are fitted underwear that emphasize sex appeal. The inspiration that I couldn’t really grasp was that none of the pieces were consistent other than spandex and cut out holes in most of the garments.

I will admit though, that two of the pieces that were brought to life were the far most unique and could very well be worn. The first piece I enjoyed was a mixture of colors in the tank top and the short boxer briefs made the emphasis on where there should be, which made that design a success in my opinion. The second piece that I enjoyed was a pajama bottom and a blazer type shirt that made the blazer versatile. I applauded the dedication to those two garments specifically. Overall the collection was something I felt that may be something Eubanks would like to revisit in a later time, but may very well be a trend later in the year. Either way it definitely was a unexpected treat during New York Fashion Week.

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