Dymond Jazzel – BEyond Just Dancing

Imagine a stage where you could compile the BEst of the BEst dancers, like Janet, Ciara, Beyonce, Debbie Allen, Lauri Anne Gibson, and even a few of the folk from MTV’s “Taking the Stage.” While that perfect world seems improbable, in this day in age, there is a young dancers who’s taken the BEtter qualities of each individual dancer and is already making her mark on the world of dance.
“I learned to dance at a dance studio, learning from good choreographers. I’ve been studying Ciara, Beyonce, and all the good dancers out there, and  since I started actually studying them, I just got better and better.”

Meet 12 year old dance sensation Dymond Jazzel Cruz. Dymond probably looks familiar because you’ve seen her in a number of videos from DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out”, all the way to B.o.B.’s “Ill Be in The Sky”. I’ve always said, you can tell a dance is going to pop when a little kid can do it and make it look smooth, but Dymond makes just about every dance look like it’s butter.

I can remember the first time I met Dymond. It was at a dance audition for an awards show Plan.B and I were working for, and this shy little girl walks in refusing to dance. But her mom-ager kept her persistence, and when Dymond hit the floor, I quickly saw the older dancers looking to their left and right trying to get a glimpse of how lil Dymond was getting it. It may be her alter ego, but Dymond might honestly be one of the shyest little girls I’ve met, but when the music comes on, all shyness heads “to the left” and Dymond transforms to express her interpretation of the music she’s hearing.

“You can see me on myspace at www.myspace.com/dymondcruz. You can see all my videos, everything about me, all my friends, just everything. I’ve done Lil Wayne, “Leather so Soft” video. I’ve danced with DJ Unk, Swizz Beats, and I’ve gone on tour with (B2K member) Raz-B. I’m really trying to just do it big to make my fans happy.”



Dymond is currently dancing on the “Pull Your Pants Up Tour” along side DJ B-EZ, Sionne Marie, and a host of other talents housed by super management company A+List Management & Connie Cruz.

Check out Dymond as she talks about the message of the “Pull Your Pants Up” Tour, gives words of inspiration to other aspiring dancers, talks about her singing career, and names her top 3 dancers she’d like to dance next to on stage.

It seems like it’d be a difficult feat to command an entire stage, but since a very small age Dymond has been doing that and much more. From talent shows, to full fledge tours, Dymond makes sure she’s fully emerged in her talents, in which she’s recently decided to take to the next level through perusing her musical endeavors.





Here’s a little more of what this little dancer/singer/soon to be model can do on the stage…

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