EDITORIAL: #iHEARTNY Fashion Week Recap

Attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York is more than an experience. It’d actually BE Better coined as an adventure for the BE Team MemBErs that took this #iHEARTNY journey with us all the way from Atlanta to the BIG Apple. We definitely had to put our Empire State of Mind on BEcause NYC in February is treacherous! Not only is the hawk out double time , traffic doesn’t let up in the name of fashion, nor does the cab driver mania; but once you get past that NY madness, which is enough of a concrete jungle in it’s own right, Fashion Week is everything one could ever dream of.

This was BE Magazine’s second trip to MBFW, so this time we cam extra prepared. We had a staff photographer on deck, our publicity team booked us for lots of shows, and we knew the hustle bustle of getting entry into the Lincoln center, so with all items on our BE checklist checked off, we were ready to get our fashion on. As if  the name of fashion isn’t reason enough, here are the BEst reasons to visit New York for Fashion Week & a recap of our #iHEARTNY adventure.


Hitting the traditional runway shows were like the BEst thing since cooked food for us last SeptemBEr during our 1st visit to Fashion Week, and this year we hit tons more runway shows from Perry Ellis, LiBErtine, and Tracy Reece, but what we really enjoyed this year was the showcases. Designers like Bryon Lars, Maisonette 1977, Egg Cream, and Jose Duran all did presentations of their lines, most of which were breathtaking.

Jose Duran | Photo: Remington Jackson Byron LarsEggCream | Photo: Remington Jackson Maisonette 1977 | Photo: Remington Jackson Jose Duran | Photo: Remington Jackson Silvio Lui | Photo: Remington Jackson



From Fashionistas like June Ambrose & Miss J Alexander all way to hip hop heads like Davis Banner, everybody loves a taste of Fashion Week. Russell Simmons & his nieces Vanessa & Angela were also sited at show. Mr. West was also in the building…yup, Kanye got his MBFW on too.

Miss J Alexander at Lincoln Center David Banner at Sachika Twins Show Aubrey O'Day at Sachika Twins Show Jennifer Williams at Sachika Twins Show Angelina Pivarnick & Fiance June Ambrose



Fashion Week is all about seeing how many shows you can hit in a day! Which makes for a extremely tight schedule. On any given day you could have 8 shows (both on and off site) to hit…factor in eating & all of the outfit changes you see, there just has to BE an extra hour thrown in honor of MBFW!!!



New York lives & breathes business so making new connections and furthering old ones are a key component for a successful Fashion Week. From photographers to publicists, make sure you have enough cards in tote (and a charged cell phone) so you can make prosperous business deals while getting your fashion on…and make sure you actually use the business cards you collect.

June Ambrose & J.Write J.Write & the Designer of EggCream Photographer Remington Jackson J.Write, Model/Actor Billy P, & Brian Designer MJ, Brian, & Publicist Ursula

5. The New York Experience

Everyone loves NYC’s lights, camera, action so what would Fashion Week BE without the glitz, the glamour, the BEautiful views…and those VICIOUS CABS!!!!!

New YorkNY View from Riverside Tower

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