Editor's Note:

As the seasons change, many of you are getting ready for your favorite time of the year. You have been dieting for the last few months to rid yourselves of the pounds gained from all the gluttonous eating during the previous holiday seasons. Many are flooding the counters to purchase antihistamines and hand sanitizer as others flock to the racks to get a new bathing suit. Regardless of your Spring/Summer shopping motives, BE-STYLE wants to make sure that our readers are armed with the proper fashion and skin care tips for treading forward through the warmest times of the year. I am personally not a fan of Spring/Summer but I will glide through as gracefully as one can with minimal sinus function. I honestly can’t wait until for Autumn/Winter months to get here and we can begin to pack on the layers of fashionable garbs and accessories but I digress. I am sure many of you have seen the trends and wardrobe pieces as they are showing up on the racks of your favorite retailers. But there are others that are not as conscious. In this issue, you will find easy tips for a seamless summer transition and ways to maintain the perfect appearance of healthy skin.

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