Editor’s Note:

Over the past 24 months, as BE-Style readers, you have allowed me to flood your thoughts with my interpretation of what it is to BE stylish by introducing 72 and counting featured talents in the fashion industry. It has been my privilege to converse with the likes of those that makes the fashion industry {design, makeup artistry, wardrobe, photographer, etc} & entertainment business the illusion that we have become so addicted to. In this issue, I had the opportunity to chat with an aspiring model/actor, a mother turned entrepreneur, and a breakout photographer. Often times, we see celebs in all their glamour and don’t realize nor take the time to think about what it actually took for them to achieve the perfect, debonair, chic, or grunge look. Unbeknownst to us, there are teams of people behind the scenes that make all of the “fabulosity” possible.

As I stated in my very first Editor’s Note to viewers, “I am overly excited to be your eyes and ears into the fashion industry. Humbled as your microscope, delving into the minds of the creative forces that decide on where fashion is going.” It has been a great last two years and I looked forward to many more. To all of our new readers and subscribers, I welcome you to “Birdz Eye Vue,” the style column.

Always Tastefully Done…..

Maurice “M Jai” Lawyer

“Born with Style-Embracing Fashion”

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