Editor's Note


As you read these lines, I know I don’t have to remind you of the unprecedented state of our economy. Every one of you has either been affected by it or knows someone that has lost their sense of comfort. They are moving forward with the challege of maintaining an optimistic outlook. Many designers alike are feeling the crunch and as a sign of the times, shopaholics are scaling back on their weekly shopping sprees and the recessionista has emerged.


The retail industry is experiencing an influx of shoppers at smaller chain stores seeking acquire stylish pieces to add to their existing wardrobe. They’re embracing the mixture of designer garments and accessories with lower-end brands. I believe there is nothing wrong with this concept, as I have been doing it for years and will continue to do so, as do many others. I believe that the true sign of a fashionista or style guru/icon is the ability to create and pull together a look with it looking effortless. Not basing the outfit(s) on what the mannequin was wearing in the store window. The fact that you are now – more than ever – able to acquire vintage pieces that compliment the new buys is absolutely invigorating. We are truly blessed to have creative minds that present wonderful works of fashion art for our societies. Millions of fashion forward individuals get excited to view the next collections to hit the pages of magazines and runways. Some designers are creating affordable lines to be carried on the racks of Target, Sears, and JcPenny. Ann Taylor actually offers $15 off to a person that returns a pair of used Ann Taylor slacks for Goodwill Industry donations. Whatever the driving force is behind these creative beings, I am enjoying the end result.



Here are a few of my choices for Spring 2009, ranging from an emerging talent to designers and their fabulous collections.

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