From the Heart of BE-Style

This marks the beginning of a new era. BE STYLE has now crossed the threshold and made it to the second year of accomplishing it continuous mission to keep our readers inform and up-to-date on everything encompassing the fashion, beauty, & style industries. It truly has been a long and tumultuous year but nonetheless, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is true that, nothing worth its reward comes easily. There were times, I wasn’t able to reach many of the BE Style prospective features, others when i didn’t know who to even contact, and then there were moments when I felt like giving my keyboard one final stroke of the keys. But at every turn, a blessing was around the corner. For the past twelve months, I have been able to successfully bring you a complete and progressive BE STYLE Column. The readers kept coming back and telling friends which increased our readership exponentially. This made it possible for the “personalities” and product companies to give BE MAG a chance at doing what we love. That is the true blessing.


We that said, I thank all of the BE MAG fans, family, and supporters for making our BE MAG dreams come true and allowing us to tell a story by delving into the lives and businesses of others.

Please continue to support, as we continue to be


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